Mass Effect 3 Demo Now Available for Xbox 360 Gamers Worldwide

Electronic Arts and BioWare have today released a demo version of the upcoming Mass Effect 3, one of the most highly anticipated videogame releases of 2012. Available to all Xbox 360 gamers via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace now, a PlayStation Network and PC release is expected later today.

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m232442d ago

Downloading now, I'll get some play time in before I go to class.

vikingland12442d ago

I downloaded it at 4:00am GMT and I am playing the normal way . Then after I get done I will try it with Kinect. By the way I am loving this game I am so familer with everyone in the game. It's good to see all my good old friends we have allready been through so much and now it's even more desperate.

Stryfeno22442d ago

One word...AMAZING!!! I had to turn the demo off after the NORMANDY left earth. I'm waiting for the full game...I want to enjoy it fully.

Lirky2442d ago

I wish psn store updated 10am on tuesdays instead of late afternoon 6pm - 9pm.

Forza_is_King2442d ago

Visually breath taking. I had to stop and enjoy the reapers assault several times. Just so amazing.

Game is truly better with kinect. I speak what I want my party to do and they do it right away keeping me involved in the action at all times. The battles are awesomely chaotic with so much happening when u don't have to keep stopping to use the command wheel.

Game is better with kinect.

m232442d ago

totally agree with you. I just wanted to stop and watch the reapers take everything down, it looked amazing. Kinect really worked well and actually made the combat more fluid rather than pausing every few seconds.

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