Level Up's Xbox 360 Game of the Year -- And In a Shocker, It's Not Halo 3

From Level Up:
"Our de facto Xbox 360 correspondent Rolf Ebeling, who in his day job is the creative director for, posted here back in October about how Electronic Arts' Skate triggered his boyhood memories of the birthplace of modern American skateboarding. In today's entry, Level Up's foremost Halo fanboy and online multiplayer aficionado explains why his uneasy reaction to the single-player experience of Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat has made it his Game of the Year for 2007."

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MK_Red4733d ago

I personally would choose BioShock or Mass Effect over all other 2007 titles. After them, I can say that COD4 and AC are definitly the best 360 GOTY choices for me.


You took the words right outta my mouth.

TwissT4733d ago

Bioshock does so many things soooo well.

Retro-Virus4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

COD-4 was the best game of 07 hands down.

Kudos to infinity ward for such greatness without any disparity across both the PS-3 & XBOX-360.

Account deleted4733d ago

agree wtih retro-virus call of duty was a masterpeice. I read many reviews and most of them said that the game was con-free and the only complaint was the short campaign, but i have to say producing games these days costs alot of money and if you want to stay innovative you have to make a short game(most long games these fall in repetitiveness flw so i don't mind if the game was breathtaking and short) but with some added replay value. and call of duty does it all graphics sound gameplay innovation and replay value boosted by the multiplayer mode

Retro-Virus4733d ago

All COD-4 needs is CO-OP.

Imagine playing the Sniper mission (One shot, one kill) with your buddy ?

Priceless !!

MK_Red4733d ago

I'm more curious to see N'Gai Croal's choice for PS3 GOTY.

jiggyjay4733d ago

Wait.. They actually make games for the PS3? I thought they just made blu ray movies for it?

iNcRiMiNaTi4733d ago

halo 3 the game didnt live up to the hype, only the sales did

razer4733d ago

N'Gai is such a PS3 fanboy he has to actually get a guest writer to say something nice and informative about the 360..

CoD4 definately my best shooter of the year.

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The story is too old to be commented.