Guerilla Hiring for PS3 Killzone

Appearently, Guerilla games is now accepting new recruits for the development of Killzone for PS3, which was blatently absent at the last E3. Browse through the site to learn a little more regarding the development.

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UrbanJabroni5860d ago

...they aren't just recruiting for key postions, they are recruiting an _entire_ team, including core personell like project managers.

Either KZ2 hasn't started development, they killed the entire production team or this is for another title altogether.

HyperBear5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

They prolly cancelled the whole thing and finally realized the big CGI they made at E305', and said, well we cant make games to that good of what we showed, so they dropped the whole project, so no one would remember it and then if the game came out, there would be an uproar that the game doesnt look anying like the CGI, cause it was a fake and not possible. Its probably a new series they are working on. But im pretty sure they killed KZ2. Killzone was a crap game. If it had come out before Halo, id prolly like that more, but Halo has been the series and game of the years from 2000-2007. Killzone on PSP is ok, i guess.

TheMART5860d ago

I thought they wouldn't call it Killzone 2 anymore because that was reserved for the PSP?

andy capps5860d ago

The PSP title is called Killzone: Liberation, so the PS3 title is probably just called Killzone PS3 for the time being until they decide to release the name. Killzone "3" would be more appropriate for the time being as a nickname than Killzone "2", but I'm pretty sure that it won't have a number in it for the final release.

These are probably just regular postings, I think someone asked the Killzone devs about this a while back on their message boards and they said it was nothing big, just normal hirings for positions, but they are keeping very "mum" at this time. They closed the "Ask the Dev team" thread a while back, so I'm thinking that they may be getting close to releasing some huge information, that and they were getting tired of having to say "no comment" to questions on Killzone PS3 development. But they did state for some time that it's been in development simultaneously (possibly longer than) with Killzone: Liberation, so I don't think there's any doubt that it's still in the works. Sony PR has just decided not to say anything about Killzone PS3 until after Killzone: Liberation has launched. Then again, maybe it's one of the 8 unannounced playable titles at TGS.

OutpostCommand5860d ago

I dont think they cancelled it.
Guerilla would never live it down if they did.

calderra5860d ago

This game was ALWAYS Killzone3! THREE!!!

Killzone 2 was always the PSP title. And they were calling the PS3 title "Killzone 3" even before the PSP title was announced. Literally.

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