March is going to be more awesome than February

"Have you read our “games worth getting this month” opinion piece? If not, you should! This opinion piece is going to be off the same structure, and why I think March is going to be more better than the current month for gaming.

Yes, you may think March is still a little bit away, but, it’s fast approaching. I think a lot of you will also regard March as the better month, but I will let you decide for that on your own."

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Knight_Cid2438d ago

Regardless theres less games released than ever

it isnt a good time for the industry

its like getting scraps

Knight_Cid2437d ago

case and point. 1 game cant sustain the industry, let alone a generic title like that

Virtual_Reality2438d ago

Silent Hill Downpour
Silent Hill HD Collection and Book of Memories.

And DUST 514 Beta.

FinaLXiii2438d ago

Isnt Naruto Storm Generations coming in March?

im pretty excited for that one.

Friendly_fiend2438d ago

yeah great exams whoo hoo!!
that was sarcasm