Mass Effect 3 Demo Release Times

While Battlefield 3 owners have had early access to the Mass Effect 3 demo the rest of us are waiting in the hallway begging to get in. As zero hour approaches our fingers are poised to hit buttons/keys to start the download and get blasting away so we've dug up the release times and some info to help you. It looks like the PlayStation 3 gamers get it last and very late in the day.

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FlashBack2440d ago

Battlefield didn't get early access to the demo, only the MP component.

FrightfulActions2440d ago

The way the article words it does suggest minor misunderstanding, I agree, but to say that they don't get early access is a bit inaccurate don't you think? They still get early access to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo. Just because everyone can technically download it at the same time doesn't mean equal freedom to play it, normal players are locked out of that portion of the game until 2-3 days I believe it was.

PixL2440d ago

If there are people who bought BF3 for singleplayer only, they're clearly mad.

richierich2440d ago

No Multiplayer demo for Xbox Live Silver members typical

4221852440d ago

It goes against M$ policy, You wanna play you gotta pay.

ZeroWil2440d ago

Didn't they (Microsoft I believe) make an announcement that Silver accounts would be able to play the multiplayer component?

Legion2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Correct... I also recall reading an article which called the Live Gold system a failure due to them having to give people a free demo of Gold service when getting the Demo for ME3. It stated in the article that a trial Gold period would be given to members to play the ME3 multiplayer demo. (Which I think would be reason enough for silver members to try out the demo)

Also... here is a direct quote from MS on the ME3 Demo that is on their site "Starting on Friday, February 17, you’ll also get the chance to try out the demo’s multiplayer co-op mode over Xbox LIVE. Co-op will even be available to Xbox LIVE free members in addition to our Gold members, so there’s no reason to face the Reaper menace alone."

Update: Lastly here information directly from the Mass Effect Webpage on gaining early access using your origin account. "Early multiplayer access has been granted to players who have activated their Battlefield 3 online pass. Visit this page < and log in with your EA Origin account (this is the same as your BioWare Social account) to see if you currently have early access."

Legion2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Going to the link that Mass Effect website link listed it took me to Bioware Social Network and listed "Multiplayer Demo Early Access (From BF3 Multiplayer)" in my "Your registered game content" area. And when clicking on the "More Info" portion it poped up the following info:
"1.Redeem your Battlefield 3 Online Pass on Xbox Marketplace, Origin, or in the Battlefield 3 game.
2.Launch Battlefield 3 and then start Multiplayer from the main menu.
a.This will set the Mass Effect 3 entitlement
b.The "Thanks for redeeming your Online Pass" message that displays confirms that your entitlement is active.
3.Start the Mass Effect 3 Demo and select Multiplayer to play.
a.Entitlements are platform agnostic.
4.For more information, check this thread:

Mikfail2440d ago

I watching a video of the ME3 demo and had to stop myself to save excitement :)

TekoIie2440d ago

My heart was going mad just watching the reapers invade! :S

supersonicjerry2440d ago

I didn't get to play the Mp and I have battlefield 3 and got it new!

Legion2440d ago

Try activating your online pass and then go to to verify access.

LeoDDestroyer2440d ago

As soon as you can download this. This demo is amazing on the pc so far. Everything about is like wow.

STONEY42440d ago

My only complaint is the TINY HUD on PC. The dialogue wheel is ridiculously tiny. Mass Effect 1 and 2 had it right. Probably fixed in the final game though, as it's definitely something you wouldn't think could be overlooked.

ProjectVulcan2440d ago

Seemed fine to me- it is probably designed for higher PC resolutions however. If you are on a lower resolution the wheel is no doubt much smaller and less distinct on the screen

STONEY42439d ago

I was playing on 1920x1080, and I've read on the forum of similar complaints on high resolutions. I'm guessing the dialogue wheel remains the same amount of pixels regardless of resolution, and that's what the problem is.

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