PS Vita Livechat (already recorded live)

Over the weekend we took questions via Twitter, and today John Koller and I will be answering many of them and demoing features as appropriate. No smoke and mirrors, we’ll do it live!
And for those of you who think you already know everything there is to know about PS Vita, we’ll show a few other things to you for the first time. It all starts at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern, so see you then!

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GribbleGrunger2443d ago

nice interview. plenty of info there.

Bigboss192443d ago

Is there a YouTube link? I'm on my phone....

joeorc2442d ago

Its good that Sony set that Misconception about the PSVita games "being just ports" straight.

these are not ports!

i have heard that being said the PSVita's games are mainly ports of existing PS3 Games. they just cleared that misconception. they are not ports!