Tough to be a jedi part 2

Go! "When I first started my campaign as Starkk the Jedi of the Republic, I felt myself step into a much larger world…literally. I’ve never played an MMORPG before, so the concept of playing alongside thousands (and to be exact now, 1.7 million) of other gamers is completely new to me. Sure, I’ve played online games before, but this scale was much larger than team death match of Gears of War 3. Even with this weight, and the looming threat of Sith, on my shoulders: I started my story on Tython."

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Murgatroyd73070d ago

Although I can't stand playing MMO's, you've piqued my interest. And now I actually have a computer that can run this...

Kcrizzle3070d ago

Still am dying to play this game, I just need to find the time.