The Top 7… Signs that the Vita isn’t repeating the PSP’s dumb mistakes

GamesRadar - Sony made mistakes every step of the way with the PSP. The lack of a second analog stick, the messed up Remote Play, the PSPgo... It was still a solid system, don’t get us wrong, it was just constantly hindered by missteps. While we can’t say for sure that the Vita is going to avoid every single folly and screw-up (like with system updates, which we're hoping are less painful with the Vita), we’re already noticing a big change in Sony’s attitude towards its handheld, proving that it’s committed to not making the same mistakes twice.

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MasFlowKiller2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Good read

They got it right with their number one reason:

One of the biggest complaints from gamers came from the lack of a second analog stick on the PSP. This made shooters, platformers, and console ports even harder to control due to, well, the lack of solid controls. With the Vita, Sony isn’t only including a second analog stick to shut everyone the hell up – it’s including every single control input anyone could ever ask for, just so people stop freaking complaining about it.
We imagine the conversation at Sony’s headquarters went something like this:

“Oh, you wanted a second analog stick? Here you go. That makes sense. And a touchscreen? Fine, that way it can get iOS ports. That’s smart! And a back touchscreen? Wait, what? Whatever. Fine. Motion control, too? For the love of… FINE. Take it. We don’t care. Just leave us the hell alone.

This not only makes the system capable of handling just about any genre without an issue, but future-proofs it, too. Now Sony can not only swipe console ports, but iPhone and Android developers can bring their games over without making many changes, and the back touchscreen could potentially make for some possible 3DS ports, since you could use the touchpad without blocking the screen. Infinity Blade II as a PlayStation Mini? Yes, please!

lashes2ashes2465d ago

I agree. I read today some games are using the back touch pad like L2 and R2 and I think that's awesome. Hopefully we will see more cool uses for the back touch pad like that

MasterCornholio2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Having a second analog stick increases the type of genres that the Vita is able to play well. The reason why I state this is that on the 3DS resident evil has terrible controls without the circle pad accessory. The minute you add the accessory the game becomes extremely playable.

This is the main reason why I am happy that Sony went with a dual stick design for the Vita. You cant have good gameplay with terrible controls.


Canary2465d ago

It may not be repeating the PSP's mistakes... but it's making plenty of new ones.

The whole proprietary memory format may be the most obvious, but the one that REALLY irks me is the fact that to make the Vita and PS3 "compatible" Sony decided to remove the ability to sort PSP games (and, presumably, Vita games as well) on the PS3's HDD.

That was just a dick move, no two ways about it.

Hicken2465d ago

The proprietary thing has been beat to death. Honestly, better that than have every game ripped and cracked a week after release and then have developers jumping ship cuz their games are being pirated. As long as the Vita proves to me that this method works- for some time, at least, as no system is immune to piracy and such- then I won't have a complaint, as it'll mean more games for me on the system later on.

As for the inability to sort PSP games, what does that have to do with the Vita? That's a PS3 issue, don't you think?

Canary2465d ago

It is, but when I contacted Sony about it they claimed that (in a nutshell) they were removing PS3/PSP functionality from the XMB to accommodate Vita functionality.

So the Vita gets the blame.

As for the proprietary thing being beat to death--well, yeah, and it deserves to be. It's a slap in the face to gamers everywhere. Fighting piracy is all well and good--until you start punishing the consumer, which is exactly what Sony is doing.

GribbleGrunger2465d ago

@canary. would you have been happier for the Vita to have internal memory and come out at over £300? at the end of the day you would have ended up paying the same.

bub162465d ago

I can give you one. JUST LOOK AT IT!!!!!

bahabeast2465d ago

the vita is everything a gamer wants in a handheld its a complete device and the writer shows how complete it is me personally mite just get a vita instead of the ipad i was going for i can see apps galore hitting the vita. im not a mini game freak but the big bangers feel better to play on vita and things like facebook, skype, twitter two cameras makes this little handheld soo frikin sweet