UK PS3 Chart: Uncharted Takes Top Spot

Sony's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has replaced Activision's Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare at the top of ELSPA/ChartTrack's official PS3 top ten.

MK_Red6054d ago

Well, at least they are buying Uncharted PS3 more than NFS PS3. Hope it's sales increase.

lynx1halo6054d ago

and now thats its Certified, the Fanboys rants and raves of no AAA PS3 titles can die down

HarryEtTubMan6054d ago

Uncharted will sell a million by January 2008. Go UNCHARTED! Ratchet, HS, adn Warahawk are all getting very close now also. Call of Duty 4 and Assassins Creed already passed a Million... there will be 8 million sellers on the PS3 by early 2008!!!!

jiggyjay6054d ago (Edited 6054d ago )

That's actually kind of sad that a supposed triple A game is going to take a month and a half to sell a million.. Now if this game was on the 360 it would've sold a million in its release week! Proves the fact the 360 is the console of choice for GAMERS! unlike the PS3 were more movie fanactics buy that console!

MK_Red6054d ago

Hopefully sales of R&C TOD and Mass Effect increase in UK as well.

BigPappaPump6054d ago

What is your PSN or Live gamertag?

MK_Red6054d ago

I don't have them. I never play multiplayer on 360 or use it's online capablities. I also haven't played PC multiplayer games in ages. As for PS3, I haven't bought mine but one of my friends is really teasing me with online multiplayer.
Last online multiplayer games I played were WarCraft 3 and Counter Strike 1.6 back in the day. Maybe I'll get back to online with PS3, who knows? I'll definitly post my PSN idea when I buy mine.
Thanks for asking :)

rofldings6054d ago

MK_Red, it's time to buy a PS3. Especially if you have PS2, get a 40gb for $299 @ Sonystyle. :O

MK_Red6054d ago

I know it's a great time but sadly, I'm having some problems at work and spent most of my reserve money but 40Gb is definitly my choice since I'm keeping my PS2.

jorellpogi6054d ago

Go for it MK_Red. Get the damn PS3. LOL :)

The Wood6054d ago

either way, jump beyond. PS3 would be the more cost effective purchase though and 1st party games are cheaper

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lockload6054d ago

Although uncharted is #1 on the PS3 chart it is #13 on the full chart


lockload6054d ago

Um why are people disagreeing with a fact?