Xbox Live Vision released, XBL parlor games patched

The Xbox Live Vision is in stores today according to an announcement by Microsoft. This camera peripheral for the Xbox 360 adds real-time video chat functionality to the Xbox Live service, along with various other features, including in-game support in current and upcoming titles. A paid Xbox Live Gold membership is required to take advantage of the video chat functionality.

Xbox Live Vision.
The camera ships as part of two different bundles, one for $39 including the camera, an Xbox 360 headset, and the games UNO and TotemBall; and the $79 "Xbox Live Vision Gold Pack", which includes a yearlong Xbox Live Gold subscription, 200 Microsoft Points that can be spent on Xbox Live Marketplace, and Robotron 2084, in addition to the headset and other two titles.

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BIadestarX5850d ago

I'm getting this today...

NextGen24Gamer5850d ago

I already have money paid on the pre buy. 10 a.m. I'm going to pick it up from EB games. Now everyone on my friends list can see that not only am I the TopGamer...but I could be Americas Next "Male" Top Model. Ha ha ha ha...I just can't wait to put my face in games. I know Rainbow six uses it. I know other games from this point on will to. I would love to see it in sports games. Boxing, basketball, ect. Thanks Microsoft. Yet another fantastic innovation. Its a great time to be a gamer.