Call of Duty: Police Warfare is a (Very Cool) Fake

The Call of Duty franchise has covered almost every corner of the globe, from snow-capped mountains to the streets of suburban America. But it's never strayed too far outside of its military roots. What if there were a Call of Duty game that put you into the shoes of a different type of enforcer—namely, a law enforcer?

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matt19913074d ago

isnt the video called Call of Duty: Police Warfare Fan Made Pitch. yet the artlce says that its a reported leak. wtf.

gtxgamer23074d ago

Dont try to make COD like BF3 cause thats what it looks like. If you wanna play a Robery game then play PAYDAY The heist

DeadManMcCarthy3074d ago

Great, thanks to these fakers Activision has got another idea for their next game. Wouldn't be surprised if they steal this idea.

DeadManMcCarthy3073d ago

Haha I love that mod I played it a few times on Cod4 PC. Epic, I just wish they made more maps and had light sabers.