G4TV: PlayStation Vita Hands-On Preview

G4TV: Now gamers might have many question about Sony's PlayStation Vita, so our own G4's Rob Manuel and Dana Leahy give you a complete in-depth look at the PS Vita to provide all the answers gamers will need when the PS Vita is release.

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DrRichtofen2490d ago

So where's the white Vita at? I could of swore I saw one in an E3 vid.

Octo12490d ago

Worst hands on preview EVER! Can they be more less enthusiastic? Classic G4 :S

GribbleGrunger2490d ago

absolutely agree. they were both suggesting with their screwed up little piggy faces that it's not worth getting one, even though the pitiful words dropping out of their jabbering mouths suggested perhaps you should

Octo12490d ago

Maybe I'm just reading too much to it but it had a "lets get this done and over with" feel to it. I personally got the message to not buy it. I mean that's what I got from their facial expressions and body language alone. A lot of people think that G4 is pro MS and who can blame them for thinking that way with crap like this.

GribbleGrunger2490d ago

yep. they were talking about it as if they'd been forced to eat shit. i can only attribute such pantomimed behaviour to an agenda. why else do that?

ThanatosDMC2490d ago

Can't wait for cnet to review it and have the Vita be 1/5 because it's not an ipad.

banana4202490d ago

touch screen on the back ??? are you stupid its a touch pad.

joeorc2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

you can't save games without a memory card?

thats quite untrue. many of the games that you can buy for the vita allow you to store a saved game right on the game cart. only one game Uncharted is the exception, an thus you get a need a blank card?

for one game vs the entire launch of games that allow you to save right on the cart. gee no problem when that came to the NINTENDO DS Light where you could save every game right on the cart. yea there was no game in the released games that required line up for a blank one needed. but on the same token today, there has never been a game the size of Uncharted on a game handheld console before also.

WHAT MANY Gamers are even saying that Even with Uncharted that PSVita does not have a killer app.

So if Uncharted is not PSVita's killer app. anyway why would you need a blank memory card anyway for a game that it seems many Gamers are saying that the PSVita does not have a killer app. yet anyway?

for digital downloads?

duh..than you get well Nintendo at least puts in a SD card included. but on the same token many games that Nintendo puts out for the handheld systems do no have save files over hundreds of MB also!

it seems unless you are anyone but Sony you get a free pass but once its Sony the same "problems" is a negative that
only apply's to Sony. The DS slim had no onboard storage built in an was the # 1 sold handheld game machine in the market an it had no built in onboard storage. but only when it comes to Sony is that a negative.