Has Remedy gone full psycho with Alan Wake's American Nightmare?

MMGN writes: The original Alan Wake is arguably one of the better single-player exclusives available on the Xbox 360. Amidst a large range of multiplayer-first, single-player-second exclusives, Remedy's survival-horror-slash-action game made for a welcomed change in genre and a breath of fresh air.

However, the second entry in the series, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, is seemingly taking things in a different direction for the series. We've heard Remedy discuss the length and tone of the experience, and it seems like they're going for all-out action and fast-paced gameplay, somewhat different from the slowly drawn-out setting we got in the first game.

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MrGunny942491d ago

I love the new way though :p

gypsygib2491d ago

So less horror then? That would suck.