IGN: Counter-Strike: Evolution of Dust 2

IGN: With no regenerating health, no sprint button and the possibility of instant death waiting around every corner, Counter-Strike is not an easy game to learn. Once you do figure out how everything works -- the map layouts, the firing patterns of the weapons, the slight movement delay after jumping -- Counter-Strike can be an extremely satisfying experience. Success is based almost entirely on your personal skill instead of luck.

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clearelite2440d ago

One of my most anticipated titles. With all the nub trash FPS released lately I am really excited for this. I know a lot of other people are too.

ScytheX32440d ago

yep, cs is really the only competive game around so far, any game where you take hits hide behind a box or wall and recover hp is trash in terms of competitiveness aswell as random spawning in random areas of the map -_- fun as a mod but for competetive play no thanks.

clearelite2438d ago

Yeah, I agree. It's one of a handful of commonly played games that are hardcore enough to be an adrenaline rush. Really looking forward to this game's release. First on PC then I will probably pick up the PS3 version.

ScytheX32438d ago

yep im definitely picking up the pc version wont be geting the console release though since itll be cross platform play, pc vs mac vs ps3, xbox's strict network rules didnt allow cross play pretty much

CrazyRap2440d ago

Can't wait to play this on my ps3.