Creative Minds: Todd Hollenshead - id CEO on Quake, Doom and Rage

There's no doubt about it; id Software has been responsible for helping shape the games industry into what it is today. Without Doom, Quake and John Carmack's coding wizardry, you can bet we'd be playing very different games today. Who knows, the Russians might've even won the Cold War?

Doom has stuck in the minds of a generation of gamers, while Enemy Territory rocks the online charts and Quake III Arena is still played after almost ten years on the shelves.

CVG sat down with id CEO Todd Hollenshead and lead level designer Matt Hooper to discuss the rise and rise of id.

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ruiner44824731d ago

Q3 forever!!! Greatest multiplayer game of all time... in my humble opinion. I wasted 6 years fraggin it up in that motherf*cker