Which game machine is right for you?

Though there aren't any new consoles launching this holiday season, game machines remain among the hottest gifts on store shelves (or perhaps missing from store shelves) this year.

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all have a variety of game machines to offer consumers – each with their own pros and cons:

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Bill Gates4735d ago

If you're a BABOON, go for the 360.

If you're an intelligent person who appreciates the quality things in life, go for the PlayStation 3.

If you want to save money on your heating bill during the cold months ahead, buy the 360. I heard that thing puts out heat like a moahfuka....AAHAHHHAhAA

xplosneer4734d ago

If you want a heater, get the PS3. That thing gets HOT.

Jamaicangmr4734d ago

Disperse heat thats what the PS3 is designed to do and does it very well so while the it does get really hot the heat is pushed out of the console thus keepin the hardware running cooler. That however is the problem with the Xbox360 it doesn't disperse heat properly that cause it to over heat and warp "RROD"

Not flaiming just callin it like it is.

vettle14734d ago

software (which includes games and online) 360
anyone thinks sony doesnt have good hardware is crazy, anyone who doesnt know microsoft rules software is an idiot.

ravinash4734d ago

but the PS3 also has a good library and its growing all the time.
its not like the old days where PS3 was always waiting for things to come out.

PSWe604734d ago

If you want an instant fireplace anywhere in the house get a 360.
If you want a $250 paper weight with no quality games get a Wii.
You want games & movies in HD, music and all that crap, get a PS3.

purin4734d ago

super mario galaxy, maybe?

Mikey_Gee4734d ago

... that gets the STRONG STRONG STINK of close minded fanboyish ??

Wow dude, the PS3 is a great machine and I will give it props, but for you to be so one sided in all respects is really pushing it to the limits of being a BLIND FAITH fanboy.

Darkiewonder4734d ago

Microsoft's Xbox 360 offer superior graphics with it's tremendous AAA Titles. Not only that, it offers users the ability to shop through the XBL Marketplace if you're into buying/renting movies, shows, and music/music videos. Only the 360 offer these services plus more!

What are you waiting for? JUMP IN.


Big Jim4734d ago

Did you cut and paste that tripe straight from some sort of Microsoft 360 promotional pamplet? Maybe you're not even human, but some sort of computer generated, automatic response posting microsoft produced algorithm.

Darkiewonder4734d ago

oh god no.

I was just stating the obvious and mixing it up with the most generic phrases for any product out in the market.

Mikey_Gee4734d ago

But even I up-chucked in my mouth a bit when I read that comment.

When does the check from MS arrive.

jinn4734d ago

the xbox360 because:
good games
smooth controllers
xbox live service
bill gates is on our side

red lights
loud AC

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The story is too old to be commented.