PlayStation Store (PC) On Mac Workaround

TripleTags Reports:

"...Once you make a purchase on the PC/Web version of the PlayStation store .. the download becomes available via the PS3 PlayStation store instantly. So all you need to do is make the purchases on the PC store then mozy on over to your PS3 for business as usual."

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TANOD4937d ago

thats a super cool feature

Darkiewonder4936d ago

They are late.

IT was known during the week or so the PC Store was launched.

I use the web based store to change my billing address quicker than using the ps3. [Controller only here]

PSWe604936d ago

Does anyone know when the PSN cards are coming State side? I want one

Darkiewonder4936d ago

That's all that was given. More news to come. Just check the for details ;o