PlayStation Store Preview 2.0 – February 14, 2012: Vita Launch is Here

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in their coming soon section.

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Sev3504d ago

How does everyone like the new layout? There was no separation between platforms before.

Oh and more importantly, who is grabbing a Vita?

Myst3504d ago

Heh didn't know if you guys had put it up yet or not so I just went ahead and Google searched you all. I rather like the new layout it works well.

Personally not grabbing a vita yet but I know I will be grabbing that ME3 demo.

NewMonday3504d ago

Rayman Origins for Vita available, great, i was waiting for the Vita version.

Relientk773504d ago

It caught me off guard for a second lol, but I like it. Nice job on the new layout.

dbjj120883504d ago

Cant wait!!

... for the vita that is.

JoeReno3504d ago

First thing Weds morning.

JoeReno3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

First thing Weds morning.

I always look forward to your PSN previwes amd dig the new layout

Sorry about the double post with slight edit. Have no idea how that happened

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3504d ago

Like the new layout, pretty slick look and easy to navigate. My 3G vita is shipping from amazon as first launch with uncharted being my first purchase. Hoping that the socom psp games allow for the use of the dual analogs. Got a backlog of psp games to hit up if that the case as I couldn't stand the shooters using the shoulder buttons to aim

Silver_Faux3504d ago

Far Cry 2 is a full game trial right?

Virtual_Reality3504d ago

The trial is the GTA IV.

Farcry 2 is free for PS Members Plus only.

Silver_Faux3504d ago


Really?! That's a huge free game I thought it may have been a typo?!

Silver_Faux3504d ago

Also I plan on getting a Vita.

Maybe not day 1.

I live in Australia and am thinking of importing a Vita from the US as I don't want to pay $100+ extra.

Might even go the same route with importing games too.

I have to admit im really hoping for alot of games to be able to be played through remote play....Dark Souls, Skyrim, Twisted metal...ah a man can dream!

showtimefolks3503d ago

new layout is really good.

can't wait to play BD and ME3 demos. I am really hoping BD is atleast good since its coming from the developers who made yakuza i have high hopes

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Relientk773504d ago

Def getting the Mass Effect 3 and Binary Domain demos

Lifewish3504d ago

getting the demos and for sure a couple of Vita games.

peeps3504d ago

I'm wanting to find out how large full Vita games are, or does anyone know already? Every Vita bundle is with a 8GB card but I'd prefer a 16GB I think. Knowing how big the games are would help me decide on cards

Zechs343504d ago

Uncharted is about 3 gb. Hot shots is about 1.2 gb, and I think a couple more of the launch games are about 1-2 gb. Hope that helps.

peeps3504d ago

Thanks. I'm thinking I'll get this bundle seeing as the 8GB is effectively free, trade it in and pay the extra for the 16GB as I plan on getting most games as digital copies and renting physical copies (looks like love film will be doing rentals of vita games)

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The story is too old to be commented.