BioWare builds Qube into Dragon Age pipeline

BioWare and PipelineFX have announced the studio has integrated render farm software Qube into its production pipeline for new RPG Dragon Age.The software will also support other BioWare next-gen games.

Dragon Age's principal programmer Peter Woytiuk of BioWare commented: "We chose Qube due to its proven track record. Due to the excellent support we received during the evaluation, we were able to integrate Qube into our pipeline in less than a week and immediately started seeing results. Qube has given our artists more time to produce and iterate on content, which is key to creating the next generation of BioWare games."

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Zhuk4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I wish they would show us something new of this project, I think we're going to be pleasantly surprised by this title and it will be yet another classic from the guys at Bioware.

I hope it's just as awesome as Baldur's Gate series was!

MK_Red4733d ago

Agreed. I remember a preview of DA in GFW and then nothing.

As for Baldur's Gate, I don't think BioWare could ever get close to it simply because that classic was made with Black Isle producing but now, not only there is no Black Isle to work with BioWare, some of team's important members have left.
I believe the excellent Mass Effect was the closest they could get to their classic Baldur's Gate 2.

Zhuk4733d ago

I think you're right, but I can still hope that it will be an as amazing game as the Baldurs Gate series were!

Just thinking about that game makes me want to go play it again, BG2 is one of the finest examples of video games ever created, I might have to go track down the compilation somewhere.

I actually read that Black Isle was working on BG3 before they were shut down, I would love to see what they and Bioware could accomplish if they were still around today with a next gen Baldur's Gate

MK_Red4733d ago

Agreed. We can only hope and even thinking about those classics is more than exciting.

Wow, Black Isle was working on BG3!!???? Dammit. If Interplay wasn't effed up and Black Isle wasn't shot down, they would have made the BG3 and finished their own Fallout 3 years ago and the course and destiny of RPG could have been completely different.

Now the only think I'm hoping for is that BioWare and Microsoft's friendship affects Dragon Age and they port it to 360. Mass Effect was beyond classic on 360, sold well enough and was rather successful IMO so hopefully BioWare could be persuaded to make a 360 version of DA as well. I hear they are going to use ME's superb dialogue system and branching storyline methods for DA and combine them with classic PC-RPG elements and level up system.
Can't wait.

ktchong4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

the NPD November sales data, which proves that PC gaming is dead. All the big PC titles like UT3 and Crysis *FLOPPED* in October and November.

MK_Red4733d ago

Well, I really do hope that they do think of console versions because of all those reasons since I really REALLY want to play The Witcher and Dragon Age on consoles.

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led10904733d ago

bioware has already said that dragon age will be pc only cause they said that they wanted to prove to their pc fanbase that pc is still a very important platform for them......and they have also said that da will be the spiritual successor to baldurs gate 2

MK_Red4733d ago

I know they said it's PC only but if they don't bring it to 360, I'll be force to spend lots of money to upgrade my PC because there is no way I'm gonna miss a BioWare game. Neverwinter Nights is the only BioWare game that I didn't like. The rest of their works are classics, even their action game MDK2.

Bladestar4733d ago

Expect this game on the xbox 360... there is no reasony why they shouldn't... and many reasons why they should. The most important one? $$$. Both platforms are too similar to ignore making more money.