No More Heroes: Eurogamer First Impressions

Eurogamer writes:

"No More Heroes has been troubled by some severe message-board turbulence lately, after news broke that Rising Star, publishing the game in Europe, would be sticking with the clean, bloodless Japanese version over the gore-fountain that Ubisoft is releasing in the US.

We may never know which version is true to the original vision of notorious director Suda 51, although going by his extravagantly violent Killer7, it does seem likely to be the bloody one. But either version can look like a clumsy marketing ploy, depending which side of the line you're standing; gore is a big seller in the teen-heavy, hardcore US market, and Ubisoft will be well aware of that. More importantly, the fact is that having spent some time with a near-finished version of the game, we're not remotely upset to be missing out on the guts."

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