Comparison: PSV Launch and 3DS Launch

Trendy Gamers: Yesterday, we took a look at the Playstation Vita launch compared to the Playstation Portable and today, we will be comparing the Playstation Vita launch to that of the Nintendo 3DS.

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Titanz3504d ago

Please... let's be civilized about this article, people.

ronin4life3503d ago

It looks like they were. (At the time of this posting.)
Yay. ^_^

3504d ago
TrendyGamers3504d ago

Seeing Modnation get such low scores is kind of saddening, but thats what happens when you take out online.

MEsoJD3504d ago

Yeah I don't know, what the fuck they were thinking with that move.

TrendyGamers3504d ago

Maybe they just really wanted it to be a launch title and adding online would've taken too long?

TooTall193504d ago

The lack of online isn't it's biggest problem. It has framerate issues, you have to be online to save your hot lap, and even though the game is card based the load times are still 35 seconds. It also has poor touch screen menus.

That said I will probably get this since it's only $25. I may get Rayman cause it will be a better game, but I really wanted a kart racer.

TENTONGUN3504d ago

i know, that wasnt very smart of sony. rayman origins has no coop also. bums me out cause the game is very cool with a friend or 3.

TheDivine3504d ago

Vita no doubt. The 3ds didnt get any killer titles until a bit later in its life. The real comparison is vita launch games vs released 3ds games because people deciding between the two will look at that and the 3ds has a much better library as of now. Both have a alot of good games coming down the road so it will be a good battle and id be happy with either (although il get both).

TrendyGamers3504d ago

Yeah, the Vita has a much better launch line up but 3DS titles such as Ocarina of time, starfox, super mario, and mario kart really helped it in the months after.

MEsoJD3504d ago

Make BBS available on the psn and my day one buy is sealed.

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