Famitsu charts for the week ending 16th December,2007

GT5 Prologue debuted with 108,000 copies in retail sales. The data for online downloads have not been available. Kingdom under Fire on X360 flopped with 15000 copies . Wii sales have increased by astronomical amounts and the Wii-Fit has managed to sell around 120,000 copies.Mario Party DS topped the chart with 160,000 copies. The PSP sales have almost doubled from last week.


Mario Party DS (DS) : about 160k (total about 763k)

Wii Fit (Wii) : about 120k (total about 527k)

GT5 Prologue (PS3) : about 108k

DQ4 (DS) : about 78k (total about 854k)

Professor Layton and Pandora's Box (DS) : about 73k (total about 482k)

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) : about 71k (total about 571k)

Wii Sports (Wii) : about 68k (total about 2.26m)

Wii Play (Wii) : about 67k (total about 1.81m)

Mario & Sonic at Beijing Olympics (Wii) : about 58k (total about 207k)

Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon (Wii) : about 44k


Wii : about 168k

DSL : about 249k

PS3 : about 53k

PS2 : about 21k

PSP : about 158k

360 : about 8.7k

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UnblessedSoul5405d ago

I agree the 360 is a flop and all their ps2 graphic games and getting bombed because of this

Hugh Hefner5405d ago

Thank you for posting this. You just confirmed your worst fears, that the 360 outsold the PS3 worldwide last week. The 360 was 53k units ahead of the PS3 without including Japan, now you add 45k units extra for the PS3 in Japan (53k PS3s - 8k 360s), and we have the 360 beating the PS3 worldwide by 8,000 units.

Thank you Tanod, looking forward to more of your news.

DJ5405d ago

They've been proven to post false sales figures, time and again.

salgoods5405d ago

you see that as good news...when the 360

had a 1 year head start
more AAA games
better marketing
better online functionality

and that is good how?

Hugh Hefner5405d ago

I know VG Chartz are inaccurate, I wish they would be banned from this site. The thing is, Sony fanboys such as TANOD use Vg Chartz to demonstrate that the PS3 has lately been selling more than the 360 in Europe.

Those are totally unreliable numbers, and I am just giving him a little taste of his own medicine.

lonestarmt5405d ago

360 flop? in Japan yeah, but in NA? nope. Personally I think the ps3 even if it looses by a couple k's is a good sign for ps3 fans. Nothing to be sad over, I mean its winning or barely lossing to the 360 and the best is yet to come.

mikeslemonade5405d ago

As you can see in the beginning of the year the PS3 was selling about 10 thousand and now they're up to 50 thousand. That means the gap is getting wider and wider between the PS3 and 360. Also the gap is closing on in the U.S. It doesn't really matter what's going now because sooner or later PS3 will have a bigger install base than the 360. Once more exclusives arrive in Japan the PS3 will be selling as much as the Wii and DS where as 360 will sell less than they are now because Lost Odyssey was the last exclusive.

FPS nut5405d ago

How one of the guys ^^^^ above used to defend VG Charts but now they don't.

stunt2135405d ago

wow GT 5 prologue i selling well and its only the prologue

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dale15405d ago

psp done well with the new red one added

MK_Red5405d ago

This is what I was afraid of. That a piece of garbage like Wii Fit could outsell a real games like Gran Turismo 5 P and Lost Odyssey.

TANOD5405d ago

GT4 P sold 140k on PS2 with 14m userbase in JAPAN

so 108k for a 1.5m userbase is fantastic.

I feel bad for LO though ---it could have sold a million on PS3/Wii.

even some analysts predicted that LO would sell 300k in JAPAN


MK_Red5405d ago

To tell you the truth, the thing that makes me really sad and angry is not GT5 or LO's situation.
The fact that Wii Fit is selling well is what make's me so mad and unhappy. I can't believe they can enjoy that thing.

TANOD5405d ago

u saw what happened with PSP

as soon as CRSISIS CORE was launched PSP sales boomed by 10x in JAPAN

rather than selling 12/15k now sells over 150k

same goes to PS3

as soon as DMC 4 hits PS3 sales would boom by 3x

FF13/MGS4 willl see the PS3 rise to the top

WKS will sell just as good as FF13 in JAPAN . I am pretty sure about that

MK_Red5405d ago

I definitly hope so.
If they don't stop buying things like Wii Fit and don't start getting real games in 2008 then I fear Japan may be lost forever in the swamp of Wii Fit and other non-game things.

Giant Enemy Crab5405d ago

Prologue isn't a real game either. It is a demo.

resistance1005405d ago

@MKred ' This is what I was afraid of. That a piece of garbage like Wii Fit could outsell a real games like Gran Turismo 5 P and Lost Odyssey.

I suspect if you add the downloaded versions as well GT5:P would outsell Wii Fit. I reason around 20,000 would have been downloaded bringing the total to 128,000

sonarus5405d ago

it really depends on how much japanese users patronize online downloads. But i have to believe at least 20,000 of them went for the download. I expected a larger ps3 sales week in Japan but looks like wii's stole their thunder. Their sales seem to be increasing but eventually like last time ppl will realize how lame wii games after a while. My roomate has a wii and he hasnt touched it in months. I used to play it and i was like this is the sh1t but after a while it jst got lamer and lamer.

Marceles5405d ago

To me, the Wii isn't an everyday system for me. I really don't feel like coming home everyday from work and hopping on the Wii. When I don't play the Wii for about a week or two and then play it, it's a really fun experience though. I still need to beat Mario Galaxy.

ChickeyCantor5405d ago

" The fact that Wii Fit is selling well is what make's me so mad and unhappy. I can't believe they can enjoy that thing. "

Hello Adolf Hitler!!
Wii-fit is not aimed for you, so why get mad in the first place, the same people getting Wii-fit would be asking themselves why you like certain games.

You should be glad we all have different preferences and choices, and that already is a reason to make this market bigger then it already is.

The balance board could also be used for different games its just up to the developers to make something good. you don't like Wii-fit, who knows you might like the new SSX that may be using the balance board.
be more open, mister dictator.

MK_Red5405d ago

All hail Adolf Red!
But really, can't those people workout for themselves or go out to a gym? Wii Fit is NO a game to be targetting a specific group. Wii Sports and such are games that I don't like but others do but Wii Fit is not a game. It's a simple and useless scale. Everything that you can do with Wii Fit can be done in real life for a much cheaper price and with more effective and satisfying results. The fact that the thing is inaccurate and buggy doesn't help either.
Sure it's great that all people have different tastes but the fact that people who enjoy things like Wii Fit are more than people who enjoy games like GT5 and LO is what makes me unhappy.

It's like an Uwe Boll film outselling a movie made by Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson.

ChickeyCantor5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

People come together with Wii-fit just like Wii-sports( why wouldn't we just go out and play tennis for real? why wouldn't we kill people for real instead of playing FPS! why not eat REAL mushrooms so we can grow like hell) you don't go to a gym with your family thats the main reason why allot will get Wii-fit.

it is a game for sure, you may hate it but its still a game MK_RED.
its possible to break each others records and break your own, therefor its already a game.

Its like saying DDR is not a game because you can go out and dance for real but that just doesn't makes sense @ all.

And because something outsold something else doesn't mean the other thing did bad or something.

but isn't this showing that the gaming market is just way to small ? its a niche market, no wonder these casual stuff sells like hell they are in larger numbers. again doesn't mean other games selling less are doing bad!

i have the idea you think i'm going to get Wii-fit, i'm just saying that even if "real" gamers( how you like to call them) don't like Wii-fit it wont matter, its not aimed @ us gamers that have been gaming for ages its aimed for people looking for "fun"( apparently these buyers love it) and something thats easy to use.

you can hate it but just realize that these people might dislike your preference towards games too.
We are all different and this casual market wants their share too.
People can mass produce FPS or racers but they just don't sell with these kind of consumers.

So yes i might hate it too eventually but i'm still openminded because i know that i'm not the only one thats part of the market.

"Wii Fit is beyond an insult to humanity.
I finally said it, Wii Fit is an insult to humanity not just gamers.

here ya go again, to you its not fun you think its an insult but many others do not think that.
you can either break your head over this or just accept that even if you think something sucks so bad you just want to murder the person next to you, just realize that how good its selling....its prove that they must like it thus its not an insult to humanity and its fun.

but then again its still an opinion, and its if you are stating your opinions as facts.

just saying that you keep saying you dont like it and its not fun ( according to others) but look @ it, its selling.
it already collides with your opinion, you say its no fun.....well to you it isnt but to many others it is. just accept it.

edit:edit:edit:edit:edit:edit :edit:edit: last edit:

yes, hitler indeed had his own opinion about stuff but he failed right? XD so dont get worried so fast

MK_Red5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

Even game sites like GameTrailers included Wii Fit among NON-Games during E3.

Wii Sports and Play are indeed games and so is DDR which makes dancing fun and is a good workout. Not only Wii Fit is no fun at all, but even some of the most diehard fans of Nintendo have confessed and more, the uber Nintendo fansite known as Screw Attack admitted that Wii Fit sucks. Wii Play is like Orange Box compared to Wii Fit. You haven't had hands-on/feet-on it probably to see how buggy and terribly unfun the thing was.

It was just like the definition of unfun. The worst gaming related thing creation after Atari 5200 and ET Atari.

Sure, Wii Fit may be called a movie at the end of the day but so do Uwe Boll products get called films but everyone in movie industry just tries to distance themselves from garbage of Uwe Boll and films like Alone in the Dark. Wii Fit is like the Uwe Boll product of games.

No, I'm not judging you or saying that you are going to buy it.

I understand how somethings are not targetted at me but that's ok. I know there are a ton of DS games that I might hate. Heck, I even hat Wii Sports but I DO understand it's purpose and how it's fun for some.

The thing about Wii Fit is that it's NOT fun even in the simplest form nor it is with any other definition of fun. It's just unbelievable. Must be experienced to be believed.
I do find Wii Sports and many DS games boring but they are boring "games". I'm not talking about real, hardcore, serious, casual, part-time, light and other kinds of gamers. I'm talking about normal people (Game lover, game hater, natural and anything else). Wii Fit is beyond an insult to humanity.
I finally said it, Wii Fit is an insult to humanity not just gamers.

"just realize that how good its selling....its prove that they must like it thus its not an insult to humanity and its fun."
That's what makes me sad and worried. The fact that someone finds it fun and buys it. It's like an Uwe Boll selling. I find it pretty disturbing.

It's indeed an opinion but hey, Adolf Hitler had his opinions and I'm pretty sure many followed him. It was a disturbing and wrong and so is the current success of Wii.

In the end, I BELIEVE that Wii Fit is an insult and you BELIEVE that it's not. None of us can change each other's minds can we ;)

Final EDIT:
Ok. Thanks for the great conversation my friend. Bubbles for you :)

Wii60PS3DSPSP5405d ago

Ok MK_Red we get it you hate the Wii and Wii-fit "OMG CASUAL LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"

It's getting kind of old now. It's not hurting you or the video game industry so shut it already.

MK_Red5405d ago

lol, Did you even read what I wrote? Wii Fit is the thing that I hate not Wii. Sure, I'm not a big fan of the console but love some of it's game.

cmrbe5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

The casuals outnumber us hardcore buy a huge margin. It is nothing to be angry about. As TNODA mentioned the GT5 prolouge sold quite well compared to GT4 prolouge so this means the hardcore market in a way is still getting better and better. So no worries. The difference this gen is that alot more casuals are getting into gamming than before because of the wii which actually is great as the gaming industry will get bigger and bigger.
Oh and VGcharts is crap.Tanod take note

MK_Red5405d ago

cmrbe, I know there are more casuals but the thing is that Wii Fit is not even casual or just too casual even for the casual.

The reason I'm sad about Wii Fit's success is because many other devs and publishers may follow and make more games like that and put most of their money and effort into making games like that. I don't like Wii Sports but it's casual, I understand. Wii Fit isn't even casual. It's the exact opposite of fun.

cmrbe5403d ago (Edited 5403d ago )

Believe me when i say that hardcore has nothing to worry about. Developers know that their bread and butter is the hardcore market so there is little to no chance of devs abandoning or focusing less on the hardcore. I mean its still growing and is where most of software revenue is from. My logic is. If the most lucrative segment of the gaming market is still growing. Why focus less or abandon it?.If anything devs and publishers will expand and put more resources into the gaming industry because of the expanding gaming market as there is alot more money to make in both the casual and hardcore segments.
The wii fit was a grantee hit as weight is a big issue in most countries. The nintendo marketing and product design people are genius. I will not be surprise if they get out a game that somehow reduces global warming. They see trends and ride it.

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TANOD5405d ago

I agree with you

I dont get it.

why purchase a JOKE console like Wii when u can get a PS3/X360

Wii is a virus in gaming world....a silly joke and most probably a FUD

PS360WII5405d ago

Well good sales all around. Why are you mad that a demo of GT5 was outsold by a fitness game all consoles usually end up gettin anyway?

GT5 the real deal will sell a bunch this prologue is just for those who can't wait till the bread and butter is released.

The way sales are going in Japan they don't really care for the "hardcore" titles. Look at the top 10! MGS4 will sell great in the states I'm not sure about Japan the way they buy games. Even the ultra-violence No More Heros on Japans favorite console got sidelined.

Quit saying the Wii is not a console as well can you. Seeing that it is and plays games that are newly released. Some people just don't care for expensive game players that use pretty lights to get gamers interested.