Joystiq's retail Vita collection requires 255MB of storage

Richard Mitchell writes:

"If you haven't heard by now, chances are very high that you will need a memory card to get much use out of that shiny new PlayStation Vita. Apart from requiring a memory card for PSN downloads, many retail games have their own storage requirements as well. After the break, we've listed the requirements for every retail title we have on hand (see image above, Rappy included for scale). We've also included the storage required for the downloadable Vita games available thus far."

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Spitfire_Riggz2492d ago

So it balances out really.

People who will be dropping less on Downloadable titles will be making up for it with a more expensive memory card.

People who buy the more expensive retail will need a less expensive memory card.

fear882491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

definitely has brought some perspective into the value of the memory cards.

n4gisatroll2491d ago

I think...I may have to wait until the price goes down. I want a vita so bad now. I want it so bad I'm playing my psp non-stop now.

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