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MaximusPrime5758d ago

im looking forward to 2008. Sony's year.

TANOD5758d ago

FF13,DMC 4,MGS4,WKS,GT5---all of these games would be million sellers in each of Japan,EU and NA

I predict 20m in lifetime sales for FF13 and 10m for MGS 4

BUT some records would surely tumble

especially FF13 can sell over 2m copies on LAUNCH DAY in EU alone not to even mention JAPAN and NA

Giant Enemy Crab5758d ago

I'm also looking forward to 2008.

The 360 will continue to sell more hardware/software and PS3 will stay in 3rd place.



i just got mine yesterday but i freakin love it!!

bluray, games, the photo thingy, dvd upscaling, video conference!!! damn i could go on for days with things im finding out my ps3 does.

im so stoked for next year!!

cmrbe5757d ago

Yes the PS3 is an impressive piece of hardware that seem to get better and better.

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Rama262855758d ago

I'm not too sure it's as drastic as 'do or die'. Next year is definitely looking to be an exciting year in terms of games and I for one am worried at how I'm going to be able to afford all of them!!

CeruleanSky5758d ago

No one gives a crap what a site like shacknews.com has to say about the console market.

They should go back to crying over the dying pc game market...

TANOD5758d ago

and so does everyone

except a FEW TARDS like you whose console has no games for 2008

FirstknighT5758d ago

So what is so different between 2008 and 2007??? Lair, Genji, Untold Legends, NBA 08, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, Eye of Judgement, etc... were all crap. So what makes you think the exclusives in 2008 will be any better???

Software sales is what makes the real money in the gaming biz and the ps3 isn't cutting it. Uncharted has completely failed. UT3 sold 70,000 it its first week. That's called a sales flop kiddies. So why is 2008 all of a sudden going to magically fix everything??? MGS and GT will definitely help but all the other games you always like to mention in your ps3 lists are probably going to be another failure.

TANOD5758d ago

and match/surpass x360 sales on a worldwide sales basis

can u name an x360 game that will sell a million copies in JAPAN /EU


However FF13,MGS4,GT5 ---all of them will sell 1/2m million copies in each of NA,EU and JAPAN


UNCHARTED sold 98k in EU last week.

expect UNCHARTED to easily cross the 500k mark in the next 2 weeks

HS and RATCHET all sold over 500k/600k and all these games would hit a million in their lifetime sales

Maldread5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

Come on man, don`t go all green here ;) Uncharted is a great game, as is Ratchet and Heavenly Sword, even though the last one was a bit too short as most people will agree on. Let`s wait and see until after christmas before we conclude how they and UT3 sold.

MGS4 and GT5 will help ? Yeah i would think so. LBP is going to be massive. Killzone 2 could be great, as could Home, The Getaway, Infamous, Echochrome. Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2, i would suspect would do "alright" in the sales department. Wipeout should be first class fun. And i havn`t even mentioned any third party stuff, let alone the games Sony hasn`t announced yet themselves, (will GoW3 make it in 2008 by the way ?) and third party exclusives (like Rockstar`s secret project)

Trust me, 2008 won`t be a bad year for the PS3. Stop saying games suck because of the platform they`re on, and judge the games for themselves. Or if that`s troubling, pretend they`re on "your" console. Seems to work for Mart ;)

TrooGamer5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

Get you head out of your ar$e!

Proven franchises sell machines as well as software

I guess as its on PS3 they wont sell???


Bubble Buddy5757d ago

Pathetic, first it was too expensive, then it's no games, then it's not selling enough.. what's next? it's not an xbox? you're running out of excuses, and don't reply with an even more pathetic excuse or insult.

Pika-pie5757d ago

Uncharted has completly failed??? LOL

Typical fanbot, just because something doesnt sell as much as Halo 3 in the first week then its a complete failure.

Uncharted is doing great, and rightly so. Its a great game.

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