IGN: FIFA Vita Review

IGN: FIFA Vita showcases both the power and the potential of the console. FIFA 12’s core gameplay has been successfully transported to a portable device that you can carry in one of your very spacious pockets. There are a few compromises here and there, but they’re negligible. The addition of touchpad shooting and the less successful touchscreen passing transform FIFA Vita into a very different experience – it’s more fun, more jubilant, and accessible.

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theEXPATRIATED3940d ago

Great! Will probably pick this up alongside Golden Abyss to play once I've finished the campaign. Can't wait to play a few matches between classes!

farhad2k83940d ago

This review was much better compared to GamesRadars review, which is unlikely of IGN because they usually just bash anything related to Sony.

That being said, I think this is the best portable FIFA experience.. EVER.
They've managed to get the console attributes on to the VITA, I just can't wait for the release date now!