New PSP Model in the Works?

Within the files found in 3.80 firmware, a new file called pspbtcnf_03g.bin has been found.

"Since 2.71 and especially in 2.80, we could see a string refering to pspbtcnf_02g.bin which suggested the support of a new hardware or at least of a new operative mode. Later with the slim release we found out that the slim's codename was this infamous 02g (proably standing for second generation) and that it used the _02g modules as well as pspbtcnf_02g.bin. It means that they worked on slim firmware/kernel for months before the actual hardware was announced/released.

We believe it is the same with the 3rd generation hardware which they are now preparing for sure. Will it be yet another lighter (and pandora proof) psp or will it be the new psp phone ? Time will tell"

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Zhuk4732d ago

the PSP is the greatest handheld ever made. I really wish Sony would embrace the homebrew community rather than hold it back, because anyone who has a PSP with custom firmware knows the incredible potential of the device

deeznuts4732d ago

Where to go learn about these homebrew firmwares? I am close to buying one.

Splitz4732d ago

You're just being silly, no new PSP in the works right now.
They're not so dumb they release a new PSP in the next 2 years actually.
Lotta talks about new GOW3 hardware reqs, but I think it's just bullshit.

PSP Phone: maybe.
But as a accessory to the current PSP.

EHILL4729d ago

To say they're not working on another PSP is foolish. Companies are always trying to innovate and expand their devices. Now, are they going to release a new version anytime soon? Of course not. I can guarantee you, the next consoles from Niny, SOny and Micro are already been hammered away at.

DJ4732d ago

Semi-predictable anime story, but the gameplay and artwork has totally won me over.

Zhuk4732d ago

Jeanne D'arc is a great game, the PSP really has gotten a lot of strong titles in the past 18 months