$339 Xbox 360 Premium!

Overstock has the Xbox 360 Premium/Platinum system w/ hard drive back in stock! Using the Overstock O-Day 15% off coupon, this is nearly $90 cheaper than you'll find them retail (with tax) and probably lower than we'll see the 360's for another year or so.

15% off coupon is valid 9/18 Noon MST - 9/21 11:59 PM MST.

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NextGen24Gamer5850d ago

340 for a premium 360

150 for the hd dvd add on with 2 movies included.

490 for the premium 360, hd dvd player, and 2 hd dvd movies.

All the excuses and doubts that sony fanboys make about the console they don't choose but offeres a better deal than the one they do......


Hurry up Microsoft....Announce the price at TGS so sony fan boys can "Hush". I believe you when you stated months ago that the HD dvd drive coupled with the premium 360 will cost less than hd dvd stand alones and the ps3. Thanks Microsoft.