Assassin's Creed: Colors change, textures aren't Xbox 360 vs Sony PS3

After Game Trailers did a comparison of Assassins Creed on the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 a lot of gamers moaned about the difference in brightness and some said that GT did the comparison wrong.

Well one gamer is trying to prove that GT did the comparison wrong, you can view the new comparison video below that shows RGB Full Range in Display Settings enabled and this is meant to make the PS3 version look the same as the 360's. The difference is slight (except brightness), and as one gamer put it "the colors are changing, the textures aren't".

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Gamingisfornerds4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Just like how switched the 360 and PS3 versions in their Skate comparison video, making the 360 look like the "inferiour" version when in fact it was the other way around.

Owning both a 360 and PS3, it'd be nice to know which version to get. But if thses comparisons are that unreliable, what's the point?!

TANOD4735d ago

GameZONE gave COD4 PS3 9.6 and COD 4 X360 9.5

daily game clearly said that the ps3 version was better and they put up a comparison video as well

Violater4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Why can't we all just.........
get along!

ahh never mind flame away

RGB Full crushes blacks if you don't have a good HDTV its going to look much darker and if you do then it's all good (winks @ my Bravia)

I am referring to NO ONE IN PARTICULAR

Gamingisfornerds4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I'm not flaming one bit, just stating some facts. But perhaps you're refering to TANOD? He's on my ignore list so I wouldn't know what he's on about.

I think it's fine posting comparison videos, as long as they are done correctly, which they aren't often enough.

I just want to get the best version, whether it be for the PS3 or 360, I really don't give a rats *ss.

BrianC62344735d ago

Maybe one of these sites could talk to Sony and find out what full and limited mean. I wouldn't mind knowing what the difference is. I don't look at videos on the Web to see this kind of stuff though. It doesn't really prove much. Too many things can change in the videos.

TripleTags4735d ago

instead of waste life comparing them to themselves ;)

deadpreacher4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

You know the x360 has the same problem here as the PS3 does. By defualt both systems are set to limited. Now this guy is saying hey look i can turn it on full and it looks better on the PS3. Well the same thing repleys for the x360. Almost noone turns these things on FULL, on both systems from what i understand. I did some asking around last night and noone had a clue there was even a option for it. So anyways the real question is now. If they go back and redo a video comparisons of both systems again i would like to know both have the right option turned on. Than again it makes me wonder and i truely beleive they didn't turn the x360 on full ether in these video comparisons. So since the x360 looks better in limited by defualt. What would the outcome be when both are set to full!?

In a way im glad this has come to light. For ether console owner out there. This is good to get the word out that if your set up wrong you need to go back and turn this on. I been tring to tell people this for awhile now (friends only really). And it does clear up the game alot and makes everything sharper when its set up right! I just dont understand why both companys kind of have this hidden away from the simple average gamer that dont know no better to turn it on if he has the right set up!

The Killer4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

when ever we see comparison videos and we realized that one version colors is washed out a bit or more white color then it means its the adjusting fault not the game!but i really doubt that a company uses on one of their versions more colors and the other less colors! colors dont take more processing power, its just a color, and its up to them to choose wat color to fill up a pixel!

go0se4734d ago

I don't follow these trailers at all when deciding which console I'm going to buy a game for. Quite to the contrary of what most xbox people say, I think ps3 versions always look a little better. The frame rate and other factors are the only thing that really sometimes bog the ps3 version down, and thats 100% the devs (*cough* EA/Ubisoft).

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iMad4735d ago

PS3 can't have better textures - it have lower memory available for that, so XBOX will allways have better textures in multiplatform games.

achira4735d ago

wrong, the ps3 has the same amount of ram, but far faster ram then the 360. dont talk sh!t when you have no idea.

TANOD4735d ago

x360 has unified 512mb of ram at 700mhz

PS3 has the same amount of ram but PS3 has much faster XDR ram

Winter47th4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Who is this troll and how did he succeed in crawling outa his cage |:

BrianC62344735d ago

That isn't true. The PS3 has faster memory and the memory size is as big as the 360. It's just used in different ways. But the PS3 has no problem keeping up with the 360 in textures. That's just garbage put out by Xbots. You can't program things the same way you would on the 360 but if the developer does their job right PS3 games should look better than the 360 version.

go0se4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

For someone who has no idea what there talking about. Folks its not always the amount of memory but the quality of the memory being used and judging by the the recent failures of xbox 180, Id say the hardware including the memory is a POS. Don't get me wrong, I like 360 but Microsoft just sucks. I can right a book on the hassles they have given me whenever I re-format and need the OS disc and it doesn't work.

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paracardium4735d ago

Hmm Uncharted textures destroy anything the gimp60 can do.As for Creed Ps3 is good for me .

iMad4735d ago

Uncharted has aveage textures, but good special effects. All cutscene are pre-rendered video with better resolution textures.

TANOD4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

just like the name u are MAD

UNCHARTED kills anything on X360 as well as PS3.

Pre-rendered ---thats with Forza 2 and PGR4 --both the games have realistic cars in the OPENING MOVIES but cartoon ingame cars when u play them actually

Silverwolf4735d ago

You clearly haven't played uncharted. There is nothing out there (at this time) that can beat it, the testures are some of the best I have seen on a console.

Pain4734d ago

Just cuz your Mom wont bye u a PS3 you have to bash it like a drunks wife,
Mabey if u wher Nice this Year Santa will bring u one. :P

Bolts4734d ago

Uncharted is like a how to demo on the correct use of the PS3 textures. Everything is streamed to save memory and use of Cell to handle effects was brilliant.

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EasilyTheBest4735d ago

The PS3 version MUST be better because it has The Cell.
Sony told me so in 2006. Yeah itll make the 360 look like Xbox 1.5...
So yeah its better, and it has the Blu-ray thingy so it get lots of memory or something or other so yeah its way better. Cell and Blu thingy > X 1.5.

iMad4735d ago

Don't know to agree or dissagree - your ironic sence of humor :)

I hate Sony marketing based on lie. Thiis typical Japanise style - lie when you are loosing.

TANOD4735d ago

see their comparisons.

NEO_X4734d ago

just so you know your statement is pretty freaking racist I hope you know that.

InMyOpinion4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Gametrailers did'nt touch the settings on neither console and I think that's just fair. You should blame Sony instead for making the screen settings totally counterintuitive. Oh wait, nevermind that last sentence, trolls. Blame Gametrailers for not tinkering with either console...

TANOD4735d ago

GR,CVG,GAMEPRO always give PS3 the edge

X360 has a default setting for RGB and cannot be changed

You can do it only in the PS3 version. However no x360 suppports HDMI 1.3 (confined to 1.2 only )

All PS3 supports HDMI 1.3 and 95% of PS3 owners PLAY ON HDMI 1.3 PORT

so a comparison is not VALID since every game on HDMI 1.3 would look much better on PS3 . even HDMI 1.2 for X360 doesnt compensate since 1.3 streams data at 2x the speed and amount

Account deleted4735d ago

that the 360 is inferior is hi-def terms to the ps3.
it is not sony's fault that the xbox doesn't have a 1.3 port so video comparisons stand.
Better is always better. Why don't you all admit? Well i admitted when we were shiity ps3 ports now the dev has put more effort into the ps3 version and forgot to work a little bit more on the 360 to compensate the lack of the 1.3 port

kevin11224734d ago

the only problem i have with gametrailers is when they show all the games and they looked washed out. Take assassins creed for example, gametrailers made it look washed out but on my hdtv it looks nothing like that. Im using component cables on my ps3 too.

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