EA has an obsession with Islands

EA seems to love the Islands, simpky because it's announced 3 games bearing the title the Islands 2 of which will grace the next gen consoles while the remained will hit the pc market. a new Need for Speed title called

Need for Speed: The Islands, for PS3, Xbox360, and Wii
The Sims: The Islands, for Ps3, Xbox360, and Wii
Theme Park: The Islands, for PC

"Electronic Arts sees only fit to synch itself with the coming of the next generation of console and PC hardware. The company announces the launch of "The Island" on November 14.

"The Island" is a fictional landscape covering 600 square miles of various regions, topologies, and weather conditions. This is where "The Island" (same name, but also a lineup of games fully contained within this single massively open world) will be played in conjunction with each other."

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Ippocampo5852d ago

EA has announced... where?