First scans of Final Fantasy IV: The After

The first scans of Final Fantasy IV The After: Return to the Moon from this week's Famitsu issue have surfaced online. The scans offer a bit of new information:

- The game is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV.
- Confirmed: Theodore is Cecil's and Rosa's son.
- The game will feature all the original cast of Final Fantasy IV.
- The game will run on 16-bit 2D graphics.
- Similar to other cellphone games, this one will have episodic chapters.
- First story's prologue will be distributed as a free demo.
- Story updates every month.

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WilliamRLBaker4735d ago

sadly square is a bunch of morons and will cater only to their japanese consumers....EVen over there mobile games suck but that doesn't mean people over here dont want the game...I personally wouldn't buy it either way i'm sick of squares remakes, sequals and spin offs I purchased the 3 or so rereleases and remakes of ff4 i wont buy this.