SCEA: No Prologue NA Release Date, Slated For Spring

Sorry, fellow racing fanatics, but you had best get that February 19 date out of your heads; it's simply not accurate. The good news is that Armour did confirm that Prologue would be available in North America as both a retail package and a PlayStation Store download, as it is in Japan. Beyond that, a date and pricing has not been revealed, so anything you see that says otherwise is bogus.

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Gamingisfornerds4732d ago

Or did I just dream this?

I can't even begin to imagine when we'll be getting it if we get it after NA gets the game. :(

iMad4732d ago

MGS4 will be delayed too.
FF in 2009.
KZ2 in nov 2008.

i hate Sony for their lie marketing. that Japanase style - lie when you are loosing.

GTA4 in march is a good news.

LSDARBY4732d ago

I hope Europe are getting it Jan/Feb i dont wanna wait until Spring.

Quisp4732d ago

Im not so sure that this article is any more credible than any other article that mentioned the Feb 19th date being correct.

Oh well. Hopefully my copy from Playasia is waiting at my doorstep when I get home today.