Top Oblivion is not the Mystery PS3 Launch title

"There was recently a small uproar after 1up's Friday podcast came and left with a small hint of something for the PS3. During the podcast, one of the staffers (Luke I believe) started to say the following when in regards to Oblivion - "cause I've heard that the PS.." It seemed as if he was cut short of his full comment, and as a result Sony fans flocked to the conclusion of Oblivion on the PS3.

However, based on previous statements made by Bethesda and on a reliable "inside" source, the recently announced title that will be revealed in the November issue of OPM is not Oblivion!"

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specialguest5855d ago

it's actually Halo 3! and they said it can never happen...

calderra5855d ago

This is a severe case of "told ya so".
Oblivion will not be on the PS3. Sorry, but it's just not.

kmis875855d ago

The article doesn't say Oblivion won't be on a ps3 or even that it won't be a launch title. It just says that it couldn't be the title that the OPM podcast referred to because it doesn't meet their description.

kingboy5855d ago

i pray it`s not oblivion cuz we already knew it was coming to ps3.If it`s an old ps2 franchise or one of those babies at e3 last year, then i`m happy

Karibu5855d ago

I never liked Oblivion too much, good thing it's something new we're getting.

beans5855d ago

This is an amazing game which wouldn't make sense not to go multiplatform! Some games should remain exclusive but games like this should be enjoyed by everyone!

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The story is too old to be commented.