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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Jihl Nabaat DLC Leaked

The next coliseum downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes in the form of Final Fantasy XIII villain Jihl Nabaat, a 2ch post has leaked.

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Community4310d ago
-Mika-4310d ago

Great news, im glad square is supporting this game with dlc. I can't wait.

PshycoNinja4310d ago

Are you serious? This is stuff that should have already been in the game. As a matter of fact, this is stuff that probably WAS in the game but was taken out so they can cash in on all the blind lovers of XIII-2.

I can understand if DLC came out for XIII-2 a few months after the game and we knew that they started working on said DLC AFTER they made the game. That's the point of DLC. But this stuff was made while making XIII-2. Square is just cashing in.

I hoped that Square wouldnt pull this crap when they said they were doing DLC and my fears have become reality. If fans support this then we mind as well kiss Final Fantasy goodbye. If this is supported Square will keep releasing games with "To be Continued..." in all their future games just to make you pay for the ending a few days later.

Nitrowolf24310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

The dlc is on the disc and the unused stages prove it, with Lighting taking up one of them. It's stupid cause we know that there are 4 DLC that were planned and are on the disc.

The three time slots and the Casino Card game.
It's utter BS

Pretty much they took crap out of the game that should have been there to begin with.
They will work on DLC episodes, but for now they will supply with unlock keys

iamtehpwn4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

As much as I like XIII-2 and as apathetic as I was toward XIII, I gotta say, The Jihl Nabaat boss battle is clearly cut content from the original XIII. I'm not even gonna say it should've been on the XIII-2 disc from the start---it should've been on the ORIGINAL XIII disc from the start.

I don't even mind DLC which is different from other people--But this was a boss fight that was supposed to be in the original XIII.

-Mika-4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Seriousley it only $3. Plus this is a great way to extend this game. They can add playable characters from ff13 and even past final fantasies. Plus i can't wait for the lighting dlc episode that has been confirmed.

This game already has alot of content so adding this and other dlc will extend the life of the game.

BillytheAlien4310d ago

So true PshycoNinja but don't bother with -Mika-, your wasting your time.

She's a blind, ignorant FF13 fan...shame how FF fans like her self are the ones who have ruined FF.

EVILDEAD3604310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

'She's a blind, ignorant FF13 fan...shame how FF fans like her self are the ones who have ruined FF'

@ Billy

So Mike can't simply enjoy FF DLC without being called a a 'blind ignorant F13 fan'?

Then you try to pretend in past articles that others like myself try to bash other peoples opinion?

You sir are now the biggest hypocrites on this site.

Salutes Mika for not resorting to bashing FF for doing exactly what tons of games have done for years..offer DLC.

For Mika..don't pay attention to these blind ignorant hypocrits on this site. Enjoy the games and DLC you want to play. That's what REAL gamers do.


PamPoovey4310d ago


How is it that a troll like yourself has so many bubbles, yet i see so many people on here get bubbled down for the smallest thing.

Honestly the amount of crap that comes out of your mouth is unreal.

Is this what trolls do now, act all nicey nice and when they have enough bubbles show their true colours.

EVILDEAD3604310d ago

@ Pam poovey

Listen multi-account trolls like yourself who conviently joined a month ago trying to pretend I'm just like them are a joke.

I laugh at how you fan kiddies try to call me a troll when I simply defended someones right to enjoy DLC or the games they like without being unfairly called ignorant for it..on a gaming site.

On topic once more..if Mika is excited for the new FF or the DLC it doesn't make her 'ignorant'. Don't like the game or the DLC don't buy it..or option 2 is to just whine about it on N4G


KeybladeMaster4310d ago


While I understand your frustration, its the same frustration that XIII "haters" are feeling.

Final Fantasy fans come on here to talk about their opinion on how they don't like XIII and give reasons for not liking it. That's their opinion. That's when other Final Fantasy fans (those who enjoyed XIII) started to bash on the guys who didn't enjoy XIII. All of a sudden there was this big divide in the Final Fantasy community: Those who want to move on and away from XIII and those who defend XIII to the end.

It's a sad reality but that's what makes us all human. We all experience and do things differently. Some are frustrated at waiting for Square to make a game "they want", while others think that XIII and XIII-2 are the best FF's in the series. That's their opinions and everyone deals with those opinion's differently.

I am not here to lecture though. What I will say however is that neither side is wrong. I do however IN MY OPINION side with those waiting for Square to make a GOOD Final Fantasy. Obviously these guys that are "trolling" are fans because they continue, after all these years, to wait for Square Enix to make the game they have been waiting for.

We are all fans of Final Fantasy and need to move on from this period of Final Fantasy. Lets all look onto the future of the series and hope the next entry will bring the community a bit closer to what every fan has been waiting for: The Next Great FINAL FANTASY!

EVILDEAD3604309d ago

'While I understand your frustration, its the same frustration that XIII "haters" are feeling'

LMAO @ pretending I'm frustrated. I have no idea what your talking about.

You and the rest of those two who ALL conveniently joined less than a month ago (within a few days of each other) can go on and on about Final Fantasy if you want.

It's very clear that Your profile in particuliar is obsessed with telling everyone not to buy the game.

Who cares, you don't like it, you want to move on etc. Means absolutely nothing to the people who actually enjoy the new games and don't have to blog about it.

I'm too caught up in Skyrim and later Mass Effect 3 but I the new Final Fantasy is a must-buy eventually this year for me and I look forward to it.


KeybladeMaster4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )


You can attack me all you want and that's fine. I am a big boy I can take it.

But how does me joining a few months ago make my opinion any less valid? I have not once said that someone should not buy a game they want to get. I am not their accountant or their guardian. It's their money they can do whatever they want with it. Does it matter if people care about my opinion? Not really. Does it matter to you? No? Then why do you care so much about attacking my opinion on the matter.

If there are people who genuinely love the game than who am I to tell them they are wrong? If anything I am wrong if somebody likes the game and I tell them that they shouldn't like it. I was just trying to talk to you in a mature a peaceful way. I am truly sorry if I have offended you in any way. Lets all be adults here. I personally just want to move on from this and want the FF community here on N4G to be able to speak their mind without getting attacked no matter where or what your saying.

EVILDEAD3604309d ago

@ Keymaster or whoever you are..

First off..I initially responded to the multi-account Billythe Alien.

Then the response came from Pam Poovey..which makes sense since they are the same person

Then YOU responded to that..coincidence?

'But how does me joining a few months ago make my opinion any less valid' DIDN'T join a few months ago (did you forget what account you were using? lol)

Keymaster joined 12 Jan.32 days ago
Billythealien joined 11 Jan..33 day ago
Pampoovey joined 17 Jan 27 days ago

Coincidence? Highly unlikely. If I look back a other articles I bet your answering each others post too.

But, whether your a multi or not..

You jump in with this completely random comment that had nothing to do with anything that was said.

No one was one AGAIN is talking about 'moving onto the next Final Fantasy' when XIII-2 just came out.

Then you start crying wolf..

'You can attack me all you want and that's fine. I am a big boy I can take it.'

LMFAO..PLEASE show me all of those attacks against you..since you claim your a big boy.

Again, YOU are the one who literally made a blog showing every Metacritic score of Final Fantasy and the fact that the new once isnt selling as well initially as the other games to some how pretend that people shouldn't like the game.

Hey it's a free can whine about the game on the internet till your fingers fall off..that is your opinion.

But, it is a FACT that when the initial comment was positive for the game people (you know who they are) called that person' Blind and ignorant'. Which you pretty much defended.

For the very last time..I could care less about your opinion of the game or ANY game for that matter. 2 Million people have purchased the new Final Fantasy and it is definately one of my must-buy purchases later this year.

So be a BIG boy and stop pretending I'm attacking your opinion and 'lecture' the people who CLEARLY have attacked peoples opinions. Unless your too blind to notice.


PshycoNinja4308d ago


Dude really? What is with you. Dude I understand siding with Mika (and that is YOUR OPINION) but you are blatantly attacking Keyblade while he is trying to have a discussion with you.

It's great and all that you want to buy XIII-2. Who's to tell you differently. It's your money, time and gaming pleasure. So who cares what other people think. However you are ripping into other peoples opinions when even you say that everyone should have a voice.

Key was trying to defend everyone's opinions not just those who don't play XIII-2. Grow up.

Hicken4308d ago

Generally, I understand when people call Evil a troll. Generally, I agree.

But I think it's a little ironic that people will defend virtually any other game for its DLC practices, and yet you'll find them here bashing XIII-2.

Keep in mind: this whole freakin game is pretty much a giant DLC. Content cut from XIII for whatever reason. I am STILL not a fan of on-disc DLC, nor will I ever be. But if we're gonna be critical about FF, then we need to be just as critical about everything else.

I'm not gonna defend the actions of Square-Enix on this, even though I've loved every FF I've ever played.

But if people are gonna tell me to let it go on any other series, then I'll say the same damned thing here.

EVILDEAD3604307d ago

LMAO @ me predicting that Psychoninja would be the one to respond besed on it happeneing in that blog that Keymaster wrote.

Again, Keymaster and the other are new accounts, Pschoninja is an older account obviously the profile that made them.

Don't believe me look at Keydamaster's blog and other articles that the same exact thing happens in.

So it's not even worth responding. It's amazing what people resort to just to prove their point on

Nuff said..moving on from this silliness


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Nitrowolf24310d ago

@ -Mika-

" Plus this is a great way to extend this game."

Um not really. A ten minute battle for a game that when compared to the average story time of other FF games, should have lasted 30-40 hours on story, rather then 30-40 hours to complete everything.
These DLC really don't add much to the game, in fact they are already on the disc.

Seriously since when is it okay for consumers to bend over and buy a new game that isn't fully unlocked?

SE ripping a page from Capcom

Snookies124310d ago

Dang... Well, I guess some people might like that, but give us old characters! I want to see Kefka or Golbez or something!

Snookies124310d ago

Alright... Who disagreed with Kefka or Golbez...? I WILL BREAK YOU AHHHH!!!! Sorry, fan rage there lol.

Godmars2904310d ago

Words cannot even begin to describe how stupid I think this is. That maybe "stupid" isn't the proper word to use.

They're basically retconning a character who was hardly touched upon or utilized in XIII.

I mean, just, wow...

DA_SHREDDER4310d ago

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF UUUUUUUUUU Square! I hope this game flops hard

-Mika-4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Um according to your source, it sold 1.64 million. It was #1 in europe charts and it will be #1 in america charts. The game overall will most likely sell 3 million by year end. If you're going to be negative, get your facts straight.

Srry just saw the 360 numbers and it almost 2 million sales worldwide. So it definitely not a flop and it already probably made Square some profits.

MaideninBlack4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

People will complain about paid dlc in FFXIII-2 but /ifwhen they introduce Cloud, Tifa or Sephiroth for the coliseum battle those same ppl will be the first to buy it.

TronEOL4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

But that's because they would have actually had to make those characters have HD in-game counterparts, give them voices, and animations. As apposed to just taking something that was already made for them (XIII) and selling it again. So you know you're paying for something they actually had to work on. Copy-paste work shouldn't be rewarded (even tho I bought it lol).

I haven't played the Lightning DLC yet (bought it tho), but I really want to know why armoured Lightning wasn't included?