"Reviewers who won't give 10/10s are pussies."

Gameplayer and former Australian GamePro editor Chris Stead has written an article on review scores and the need to hand out 10/10s or full marks to a videogame. He attacks the theory that no game is perfect and thus no game deserves a 10.

"It's true, no game is perfect… no anything is perfect… but since when is giving a game a ten a sign that it is perfect. Did you read the text? Did they say somewhere that this game is perfect and has absolutely nothing wrong with it? I highly doubt it."

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Hades13374733d ago

If reviewers start giving out even a few 10s, then they will give out more 10s to games that were better than the ones that they gave 10s to, and then give 10s to even better games than that, so then the games that originally got 10s didnt really deserve it.

Only the best of the best of the best games should be awarded with perfect scores. Only Oblivion, Gears of War and Super Mario Galaxy have been worthy of a 10 rating this generation imo.

Jinxstar4733d ago

Good call on those 3 but... Those games all still have flaws that could be worked out better. e.g Gears was short as hell... Oblivion while the story was amazing the character animations needed a lot of work... SMG while amazing there are many aspects like sitting and listening to the story in the library.... OMFG lame! all in all though they probably all deserve 9.8's or so. I however believe Zelda Twilight Princess needs to be in there. I thought this game was amazing from start to finish... Ratchet and Clank and COD4 and Bioshock are high as well 9.8-9.9 also but if there are flaws... i.e. No MP mode, Lack of challenge, or other stuff how can it truly be perfect...

however its all in the eye of the beholder. They may be 10's to you which is totally cool but will it appeal to everyone. I feel Soul Calibur 2 was a perfect 10 but Tekken to me was a 9. A huge Tekken fan would probably disagree....

I still stand that I believe Earth Worm jim was probably one of the best games of all time. Appealed to everyone. Very pretty, Very fresh/fun, entertaining as hell and had so much replay and innovation it was great. We need new IP's that can do this IMHO.

Game on man!

mistertwoturbo4733d ago

No. games shouldn't ever EVER get a 10/10. They should seriously rate it 9.7, 9.8, or even 9.9. never 10/10. There's always something missing. Not until a game has A single player like Uncharted, Bioshock, and SMG with multiplayer modes like UT3, Halo, and Warhawk. Plus surplus and surplus of extras. Plus 5 games included in one like the orange box. Plus amazing graphics that you will murder a old lady for.

That's the only game that should deserve a 10 out of 10.

DethWish4733d ago

Has to be a perfect blend of RTS/RPG/FPS/Adventure/Etc also :P

Skynetone4733d ago

if a food critic gave a restaurant 10/10 it would want to be perfect. if you get a dirty glass and still give it a ten theres something wrong

why cant games be perfect are in this business i think we call them classics

DethWish4733d ago

They are intelligent.
No game is indeed perfect and they save the 10/10 until such a game will appear :P

Rooted_Dust4733d ago

Reviewers that give perfect 10's are lazy, and stupid considering that they found faults in many of their "perfect" games.

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The story is too old to be commented.