S.O.E Launches UL3:Dark Kingdom Website

Sony Online Entertainment Has launched the officail Site for their upcome PS3 launch title, Untold Legends 3:Dark Kingdom, The site opens up with a gorgeous but short Cinematic CG movie that appears to be the opening movie for the game. the site also boasts a media page with pictures and movies and recent gameplay video's for each of the 3 characters, along with Character bios and some new info on the game, it also sports a forum and an ESRB Rating of "Teen" being the first ps3 game to be rated.
Expect more info to grace the site as SOE plans on flying the lid open with all things concerning UL3:Dark Kingdom at this years Tokyo GameShow

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kmis875855d ago

Did you really read these last 3 pending articles all in the past minute and then vote or are you just bashing ps3 news and hyping 360 news?

Bhai5855d ago

...This title gives such a deep feeling of its D&D nature. I know I'm gonna enjoy this one a bit after launch !!!

andy capps5854d ago

This one is actually looking pretty entertaining. Interesting thing I noticed on the site, it's going to support true high-definition formats up to 720p. So it will be 720p native, upscaled to 1080p if your tv supports it.