No More Heroes: Video Preview

The streets of Santa Destroy are going to be the place to be once Travis Touchdown comes stateside in 2008.

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ChickeyCantor4733d ago

notice the head flying of the guy in the GCI clip?
in the EU version i have noticed( seen in video's) that he just drops on the floor instead of his head flying off....nice way suda for toning it down....-_- a$shole

MK_Red4733d ago

Good catch :)
I have to get the Wii before NMH comes out. I'm dying to play this game. It's indeed sad how they toned down most of NMH versions but hey, it's when import comes in handy ;)

ChickeyCantor4733d ago

neh im not gonna buy another wii for this, gameplay will be the same...its just a shame.