SYDHiT - The Darkness II Review

SYDHiT writes - Almost 5 years after the original game, The Darkness has returned. This sequel comes from a different developer, contains a new art style and in some ways it’s better than the original.

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finbars753348d ago

I agree it is a funny review but not sure i understand where the other reviewer are saying the campaign is only 6-7 hours?Just play it on nthe hardest difficult and you will have a different opinion.I cant figure out why the reviewers always play it on easy or med.?I have never played any game on med or easy knowing that i will get morte hours out of it and more of a challenge.Its like they just want to beat the game as fast as possible so they can get there lazy review out before others do.All in all the game was fantastic and has a great story with good voice acting cool graphics and a short but fun co-op.I would give the game a 4.5/5 easily making this game possibly a darkhorse gameof the year.