140° - First Impressons - PS Vita Launch Titles

Glenn has been sequestered on his couch for days, with only beef jerky and Mexican Coca-Cola, all to get as much time as possible with the available launch titles for the PlayStation Vita. Reap the benefits of his “sacrifice.”

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UltimateIdiot9112713d ago

Tried out the Vita today at Vita Social Club. Got to say, a lot lighter than I thought and the screen is gorgeous. Can't wait to get my hand on my Vita and play some HSG.

xursz2713d ago

yup, the thing is on another level for a handheld.

WiiUWiime2713d ago

I agree...but ill still stick with a 3ds...vita's to deep for my pockets :/

MasterCornholio2713d ago

Depends if you use the 3Ds circle pad pro accessory or not. But I have no issue in carrying the Vita around. I mean I see people lug around huge tablets and they don't seem to complain about it.


torgo2713d ago

If you have carpenter jeans, the Vita fits PERFECTLY in the pocket, and it never becomes an encumbrance :-)

Carpenter Jeans!