Game Informer's Ten For 2008

GameInformer writes: "Sure, 2007 was a phenomenal year in video games. But to be honest, that's so almost last year. We've got a long break ahead of us which means we'll be blowing through everything for 2007. So we're looking to 2008 to be an even bigger year in video games than this year. Don't believe us? Take a look at what's coming down the pipe next year. Sure there are a lot of games that haven't been announced yet, but add a little speculation, a sprinkle of hope and you get our grand list of the Top 10 Games for 2008".

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MK_Red4733d ago

WHAT THE ****!? No Fallout 3!? Has Game Infomer gone crazy? So F3 is multiplatform but so are games like Brothers in Arms and Age of Conan.

Seriously, GI just lost more than half of it's crediblity to me.

Relcom4733d ago

10/10 reviews start rolling out for fallout you'll get the last laugh. Hey you know what though. the old fallout flew under the radar, so its fitting that the new one does(even though black isle isn't making it).

War...War never changes, and neither does the lack of respect for the franchise.

MK_Red4733d ago

Thanks for your encouraging and kind words. Hope it happens and Fallout 3 gets all the 10s it deserves and we get the last laugh.
War indeed never changes and indeed neither does the lack of respect that Fallout deserves.

Thanks my friend :)

MK_Red4733d ago

Seriously, a game like Flashpoint 2 were there is not much known info is there or another military shooter like Frontlines but games like Borderlands and Fallout 3 are missing.
Shame on you GI, shame on you.

Relcom4733d ago

apparently there was a flashpoint to me.

Le-mo4733d ago

I'm surprised that Starcraft 2 wasn't on the Top 5. All of the people that I know are getting the highly anticipated sequel.

ASSASSYN 36o4733d ago

Op flashpoint 2 will be game of the year. Maps so huge it can take 30 min to walk across...or more.

MK_Red4733d ago

While I do believe that original Op Flashpoint was a great and GOTY worthy title (And inspired the BattleField series), the original team is gone and a new dev is working on the sequel and Codemasters isn't the best publisher around.

Pl4ybwoi4733d ago

i agree with u Red, but, it really promises to be a great game at least on graphics, for what i have heard is gonna be a COD 4 like game, i'm telling you, with all this competition i think games are just gonna get better and better plus now developer are getting accustom to this next gen era, i think that's nuff said.

MK_Red4733d ago

I know but those graphics look too good to be in-game and aside from the short cinematic teaser trailer, we haven't recieved any footage.
Plus there are already 2 military shooters on the list aside from Flashpoint 2 (BIA3 and Frontlines).

I'm more than disappointed in Game Infomer for lack of Fallout 3 in the list and to a lesser extend, for lack of Borderlands.

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