Blu-ray vs HD DVD Battle Update

The fight simply refuses to die down. Just a while ago, Universal Studios' boss had dealt the Blu-ray death blow (see article "Universal Shuns Blu-ray"), so here's a list of supporting studios.

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ChickeyCantor5861d ago

get set ...ready?............LETS GET READY TO FLAMEEEEEEEEEE

Donkey Slayer5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )

really isn't anything new.
I just hope they both don't die like the High Res audio formats. Well the PS3 supports Super Audio CD and I may buy some, but you get my point.

It will be entertaining to see if any of the rabid xbox fanatics click "disagree" on my post, even though it is a fact, just like previous times I've posted facts. Man I love this place :)

nirwanda5861d ago

the xbox 360 play's SACD's without a problem it also rip's them to the hard drive for use as playlists

joemutt5861d ago

I will just buy a hybrid that plays both.

nirwanda5861d ago

that's what i'm going to do when the price comes down ms were stupid not to make the HD-DVD drive a hybid that play's both formats.
The ONLY winner will be a hybrid format

kmis875861d ago

A hybrid would be a third format. HD-DVD and Bluray use different lasers frequencies. Having a player that could play both would be like having a player that could play vhs and beta. There would still be two dueling formats.

nirwanda5861d ago

lots of company's are making player's that surport both formats samsung anounced theirs months ago they proberbly use 2 differnt lasers like dvd players did before sony made a laser that read both in the ps2 cd's and dvd are compleatly different too but blu-ray and HD-dvd use different coloured lasers to get more bandwidth.

Real_ity5861d ago

I don't really care for the format war. I buy the system and I play the games. If blu-ray comes on top hey, cool. If hd-dvd comes out on top hey, cool. Until I can afford an HDTV i'm really neutral because I care more for games than playing movies on my console right now.


#2 i think you need to join an PS3 exclusive site we don't care how you think the PS3 is better in you're opinion. Good Lord!

Tut5861d ago

Speak for yourself. I like to hear/read other people's opinions even if they are biased. It doesn't mean they don't say some intelligent things some of the time.

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The story is too old to be commented.