'Devil May Cry 4' PS3 Gameplay Video

G4 The Feed - Tuesday, December 18, 2007:

Capcom was nice enough to send G4 the latest version of Devil May Cry 4 for the PS3 and 360. G4 instantly took it to their capture lab and now present you with the first video from their gameplay.

Just to prove they aren't on Microsoft's payroll, this is footage from the PS3 version of the game, which runs at a beautiful 60fps with quick load times.

If you ask real nicely, maybe G4 will put some more videos up for you.

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MK_Red4732d ago

I don't know. The gameplay doesn't seem really next-gen. While I love Dante and DMC stuff, I have to go with Ninja Gaiden 2 for this round.

mikeslemonade4732d ago

Well yea for this level in the video DMC4 looks confined, the fighting is pretty bland, the puzzles are last gen, and the enemies are boring. However, we have seen the later levels of this game and this game will top NG2 no doubt. And i have to disagree that the gameplay in DMC4 is next gen and NG2 plays like Sigma which was upgrade of the last gen xbox 1 game. NG has a bigger following with more hardcore fans so hopefully the reviews for these two games will be fair instead of the usual bias slants.

MK_Red4732d ago

I'm still not sold but hey, if I really have to choose, I'd say screw them both. God of War 3 FTW!

unlimited4732d ago

I think both games is going to be awesome. I do feel NG2 will be a little better but playing on the 360 controllers going to suck big time..Microsoft really paid a lot of money to keep NG2 exclusive. Ill just go play NG2 at my friend house.

gEnKiE4732d ago

I haven't played either games but on the 1up Show they point out that the gameplay from Devil May Cry 4 is better the that of Ninja Gaiden 2. Im going with 1up on this one....

Polluted4731d ago

@MK_Red: If you weren't already maxed out I'd give bubbles for the God of War comment. Kratos will destroy Nero, Dante and Ryu in 2008.

mesh14731d ago

dmc4 is a pile of crapthx to the ps3 as its the lead platform fo rthis bland lookinggame

MK_Red4731d ago

Thanks Polluted and yes, Kartos will slaughter them all. He is THE badass.

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Sevir044732d ago

this guy who was playing sucks arse... i mean the video's we saw from 1up showed just how awesome this game was... i mean when i played DMC3 and 1 demons stayed suspended...

this guy didn't even rev nero's red queen or used the Devil bringer to look stylish at all, i'm getting this game and i can gaurantee you i'll be doing and looking alot more cooler than this guy

solar4732d ago

i havent played a DMC game so this fighting style is new to me. and the newest trailer they released really got me excited to play this. hope it will be great :D

Cusco4732d ago

This game will own. The player sucked a lot. Ninja gaiden is good in that you can mash the crap out of the controller and you'll pull off cool looking moves. In DMC it's much easier to tell if the game is played by an experienced player or by a total newb. This and Sigma are the reasons I bought a PS3, Uncharted, Ratchet and God of War 3 will be icing on the cake.

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The story is too old to be commented.