How to Spot A Xbox 360 With a Falcon Chip And Why You Should

Here is a new way to spot a Falcon in the store and why you should absolutely look for it.

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Rice4733d ago

Wow, this is really helpfull, repectz to the guy who found this article, you are gonna save alot of people from suffering the RROD disease.

hades074731d ago

I found this on the gamespot forums, not sure if its true or not.

Talks about the new Xbox 360's coming in 2008.

Charlie26884733d ago

Its also pretty obvious to recommend people not to buy it Online also if you don't find a new model request a different 360 to be brought back from storage since for OBVIOUS reason many store are trying to get rid of the "old" ones (pretty much like Amazon did with the "mysterious" price drop)

jackdoe4733d ago

Unfortunately, most of the best deals for a 360 are online which sucks actually.

Mr Marbles4732d ago

This is really old news, I had no idea so many people didn't know it already. The falcons were released in September, that is when the 175watts were traced back to. If you go to any respectable store now you will most likely get a falcon since so many 360s have sold in recent months, the old units are cleared out. BestBuy ran out of 360s in my town twice already since black friday, so the ones they have now are all new models.

ruiner44824733d ago

My question would be does this apply to the Elite as well.

drunkpandas4733d ago

Yes, it applies across the board to all models. If it has 175W listed, it's a Falcon.

lawman11084732d ago

It was the "Value bundle" (2 game pack in) it is a Falcon. Free shipping and no tax also .

gamesR4fun4733d ago

at least with the originals you still have coverage the new ones still die just dont show the same rrod so their not has easy to get replaced...

drunkpandas4733d ago

The new error codes you're referring to aren't based on new hardware. Recent dashboard updates have changed the error handling in the Xbox 360 kernel, so it would be displayed the new way on all consoles, new or old.

gamesR4fun4732d ago

damn good thing I havnt had mine online yet lol
so just to confirm the wording on the 3 year guaranty is specific to the three red rings. So wouldn't this last update mess with 360 owners being able to get their machines replaced?

GIJeff4733d ago

You walk into ANY store, and buy ANY model. They will last 10 years running in the desert. Quality assurance....Microsoft should try it sometime outside of India.

AngryTypingGuy4732d ago

The PS3 is definitely a well built machine.

If there is one good thing to come out of this situation, it's that MS has learned how to make sure that future versions of the 360 and any future consoles don't have this problem.

rich13er4732d ago

I didn't see PS3 talked about anywhere in the article. Go watch a blu-ray moive, since its taken alomst a year to come out with a decent game for you blu-ray player. TROLL


PS3 is a quality piece of hardware.

XBOX is a quality piece of sh*t

Nevers4732d ago

...just keep waiting. Troll somewhere else dumb ass.

FunnyBone4732d ago

GiTROLL ...That fits you better...

socsca4732d ago

Ignoring the fanboys commenting...

I just want to agree with you, let's hope.

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