GameSpot Previews Turok: On PS3 "it's practically indistinguishable from the Xbox 360"

GameSpot writes: "Not only did we get to see a lot more of the single-player campaign and to play on previously unseen multiplayer maps, but we were also afforded our first look at the game's co-op and "wargames" modes. We should also mention that this was our first opportunity to see Turok running on the PlayStation 3, and we're pleased to report that it's practically indistinguishable from the Xbox 360 version."

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MK_Red4732d ago

Turok is made by Propaganda. A team is neither as big, as popular or as experienced as Valve and yet they can make a game that runs perfectly on both PS3 and 360.
Kudos to Propaganda!

Winter47th4732d ago

You're right, EA should be ashamed of'em selves.

Anyway, good to hear, PS3 version to me.

MK_Red4732d ago

EA should indeed be ashamed and so should the PS3 haters at Valve.

jackdoe4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

You have to bear in mind that for whatever reason, EA chose to develop the Orange Box without utilizing any of the SPEs, which explain the frame rate drops, and without utilizing the harddrive, which doesn't explain the already large load times but does explain why it isn't any faster than it already is. They made poor development choices and it bit them in the ass. These are development choices that no sane developer would normally choose to do on the PS3.

MK_Red4732d ago

"no sane developer would normally choose to do on the PS3"
Well, we're talking about EA ;)

But seriously, if that's what they did then congrats to them for breaking the record of worst developer / publisher (Previous record also belonged to EA).

neogeo4732d ago

I'm ashamed that it does not look twice as good on PS3.
We all know that PS3 has almost twice the power so why must I play the same games?

dhammalama4732d ago

to optimize the unreal engine for use on the ps3 does that mean that the improved engine gets distributed to other companies licensing it?

Polluted4732d ago

@dhammalama: Oh hell yes. That's one of the main reasons why UT3 for the PS3 was so important. Like the game or not, it's absolutely crucial nowadays for a console to work well with UE3. One of the reasons the 360 runs UE3 games so well is because Epic developed Gears on it in the first year and optimized the hell out of their engine for the 360. All of those optimizations were then added to the build they license out to other devs. Hopefully now that Epic has done the same with the PS3, the days of inferior ports should be over and we can all enjoy games of the same quality regardless of what system we own. Provided those games run on UE3 of course.

Mr Marbles4732d ago

Any one can make a game run on PS3 just as well as 360 gentlemen.
It just takes more time and money, EA is in this to make maximum profits right now, so they don't bother spending the time and money to make up for the ass backwards design by Sony.

Polluted4731d ago

@MR. Marbles: Kinda like that other @ss backwards system with the weird hardware design...what was it called...PS2 or something? My memory's a little hazy. I think it ended up selling pretty well though.

Tryst4731d ago

Mr Marbles - Yes I agree with you 100%.

BUT....take for example CoD4, which went down the route of making a perfect version, its consequences was a game that is selling stupidly well on the PS3, actually, I have checked some UK sites ( and it is actually selling better than the 360 version, and also Gamestation's version has sold out!

So, it DOES PAY OFF to put a bit of effort in. For a company of that size, it sure does make some stupid decisions.

Half Life, Medal of Honour, and Area 51 combined wont even make half the profit that Infinity Ward will make from the PS3 version of CoD4.

BrianC62344731d ago

"You're right, EA should be ashamed of'em selves."

You got that all wrong. EA wasn't the problem. Valve was. They were too lazy to do the PS3 version so they had EA do it. I'm sure EA did a great job. It could have been better if Valve wasn't so lazy. They know the game. They could have done the PS3 game. Stupid Gabe Newell and Valve.

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power of Green 4732d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Looks downgraded 4-real... I thought that before I read any text looking at pending stories.

EDIT: The pic looks worse from the ones I'v seen Never seen this pic, never mention a console I said it looks worse than what I'v seen before How did I get owned?. lol

MK_Red4732d ago

lol, did you know that those screens are from the 360 version and are old? The preview is new but the screens GS uses are the old 360 ones so if I'm right, you're saying that these old screens are downgraded from 360 to 360?

macalatus4732d ago

Another example of POG making an a$$ out of himself!! Hell yeah!!

harpua4732d ago

if i had a dollar every time POG got pwned I'd be retired.

Phantom_Lee4732d ago

bubble 4 u~~~

power of Green 4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Let me type so you dip sh*ts can understand. (The pic used for the story while skimming Pending seems like the game was downgraded* from "what I'v seen" in the past. The Video's on XBL and some of the pics I'v seen formed the opinion. Do you understand MK-RED if I'v seen the pic I formed the opinion off of I wouldn't have made the comment think about it.

You Sony fanboys shouldn't be talking about being pwned lol

WoW a god dam PS3 fanboy fuc fest in here lol and for what?.

Who the fuc mention what console the pic came from posted with the story?. lol pwned my ass at least one person was smart enough to understand what I was saying.

Before you brain dead clowns say I was bashing the game Turok is my all time favorite FPS and was looking forward to it the most in the FPS genre looks downgraded though.

Do you understand????>

TwissT4731d ago

MK_RED has just killed Power of Green! MK_RED is GODLIKE!!!

HarryEtTubMan4731d ago

lol what a homo.... he got PWND soooo bad by big MK_RED.... anti-fanboy..... and then got all angry lolololololol... I actually just laughed out loud reading that. PoG you are the ULTIMATE HOMO.

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Bladestar4732d ago

mmm.. this game does not look like a game that any of the consoles should have a problem running... what's so special about this game? even the rocks look like polygons...

Look at this rock to the left...

or this...

DrPirate4732d ago

I have to agree with this.

WilliamRLBaker4732d ago

Ohh i see what you did there.....But all i have to reply is this....5M+ sales and sold more then the top 5 ps3 games COMBINED, and outscored every single ps3 game released todate.

GIJeff4732d ago

"...By fall, Dahl was shipping 10,000 rocks a day. By Christmas '75, Dahl had shipped 2.5 tons of rocks or about 5 million units. Following Christmas, Dahl's sales dropped like, well, dropped like a stone. The fad had pretty much run its course. "

-Regarding the pet rock.

Sounds familiar to me....

hardcorehippiez4731d ago

this title looks terrible and i doubt ill be wasting my cash on this

Devr4731d ago

But it still looks better than Half-Life 2, which EA didn't get to work properly even after several delays. Kudos to Propaganda indeed. :)

Violater4731d ago

the pwnage in this thread is awesome.

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THC CELL4732d ago

looks abit like far cry to me

not really on my number one list really

Bring me haze

MK_Red4732d ago

It's actually kinda different from FarCry in terms of gameplay. The levels are smaller and more linear here but the dinasours and their incredible AI are the heart of gameplay.

Prismo_Fillusion4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

MK_Red, Wolf, MattFoley: Looks like you and I are probably the two most excited people on N4G regarding the new Turok.

I guess I just remember when the original came out on N64, and how excited I was to be able to battle it out with dinosaurs. And now I'll be able to do it in HD, and online.

This is one of my most anticipated games (probably along with SSBB and LBP).

MK_Red4732d ago

Agreed. I also loved the originals and Turok 2 is definitly among my all time fave FPS games.
The realistic approach of new game is a bit sad but the superb dinosaur animation and AI makes up for it. And it will indeed be great in HD and online with dinosaurs :)

Wolf8734732d ago

I am too waiting anxiously for this game. Had to make a choice between this or UT-3. Chose this, but maybe I'll get both. ;)

MattFoley4732d ago

Another one right here, even spent the five bucks for the demo. Which was way better then I had expected. It also looks really good for what I have seen.

MK_Red4732d ago

Then welcome to the club :)
Glad to know.

Prismo_Fillusion4732d ago

Okay, you've all been edited to join the club, haha.
It wouldn't be nice to leave any dinosaur masochists out of the mix!

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