Guitar Hero II Coming to the 360?

We have been getting tips in for a while now, in the last 24 hours it's intensified and now, ReweiredMind is posting they have heard strong rumors as well. "The rumours are coming in that at yesterday's Gamestation Conference (for Gamestation employees), Activision's representative confirmed that Guitar Hero II would be coming to the Xbox 360 in the first part of 2007." With "sources" from all over the net trickling in for awhile now, to us it's really not a question of "if" but when.

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Schmitty075852d ago

With the high cost of developing its hard to keep all these exclusives with 3rd party.

I am not very interested in this game, I'll stick to real guitar

PS360PCROCKS5852d ago

Noo this game is soo sick and addictive

BIadestarX5852d ago

another PS exclusive jumping ships...

TheMART5852d ago

Rewiredmind is also posting the 360 will get 1080p support by software update and say it now has 480p native...

Right. I don't know about these cowboys, but it seems as if they don't got their facts straight and are putting out news just to generate traffic to their site or something like that

xXbebofisherXx5851d ago

for such a great game to come to multiplatform. this game has potential on every platform becuase no actual control is needed, get the sg controller and rock out. plus they would make alot more morney that way. more platforms means more people out there able to get it. just as long as they dont get a ridiculous price for it on 360 IF it comes out. its already 80 bucks on ps2 dont put a 100 dollar price tag cuz its a "360" or "ps3" or whatever. but it would be good for red octane to go mutliplatform. everyone else is doing it becuase more moeny is involved. so if the rurmors come out true. that would be great for everyone. great game on great systems just means great fun and lots of money. everyone knows that. lol.

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