Ripten PS3 Holiday Guide - Uncharted Tops, Ratchet Rocks


"So you're having yourself a Playstation 3 Christmas, and it's my job to make it the best it can be, extending your extending your fun all the way through to next year. Here is my list of recommendations to make you yo ho ho into 2008.

1. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - This game is at the top of the list simply because this is THE game for your Playstation 3. Forget about your family and Christmas presents this year and put this baby in..."

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Nostradavis4732d ago

Does the moose thing represent the PS3? : )

techie4732d ago

Uh no lol. That's a pretty sweet list. I canni afford it all though :) Someone will have to send me Ratchet...

jorellpogi4732d ago

Nice list. I've been using the white DS3 for a week now and it will superbly complement Uncharted.

techie4732d ago

Hm maybe I should import. I think I'll just wait. I don't crave to vibrate.