Digital Foundry: The Darkness 2 - Face-off

David Bierton writes:

"The Darkness 2 pushes both consoles thoroughly with an extensive range of visual effects. Dynamic light sources are scattered about the environments and post-processing is abundant throughout, making for an expansive range of impressive graphical effects. However, this all comes at a cost: there have been some compromises made on both consoles to accommodate these features while working within a 33ms rendering budget necessary to maintain a steady 30 frames per second update."

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andron4252d ago

Can't wait to play this game, great fan of the first...

specialguest4252d ago

Due to the cel-shading style, the sub-hd is more forgivable. However, 720p still looks noticeably better.

itsallgud4252d ago

As usual the Superior Xbox 360 has the best version.
Time and time and time again the Xbox is kicking the over priced internet ready blu ray player's butt.

"Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made." --John Carmack

andron4252d ago

I wonder how that is your conclusion after reading this article? You did read it, right?...

CandyCaptain4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

I recognise this comment, you're a troll on lensoftruth.com, it is nice to see you out of your environment. Even if it's only cause LOT hasn't done a h2h in a while. @itsallgud Edit: itsallgud = Buying1999 from LOT n___n


Tennocon 2023: Soulframe Offers A Healing Optimism

Digital Extremes pulled the curtain back on Soulframe, the fantasy cousin for Warframe, and the creators told us what sets this new world apart.

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Soulframe is Elden Ring meets Ghost of Tsushima, but with 'Disney princesses'

During the Warframe-themed festivities of TennoCon 2023, we spoke to Digital Extremes about Soulframe, the developer’s upcoming Elden Ring-style MMORPG.

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Soulsborne36d ago

Or its just a fantasy take on warframe....? Not every open world fantasy game is an ER game ffs.

CrimsonWing6936d ago

But the developer literally said it’s Elden Ring inspired 🤷‍♂️

poppatron35d ago

I agree completely, it genuinely looks the nothing more than a fantasy war frame, really doesn’t matter if digital extremes want it to likened to one of the most popular games in recent history, certainly looks good in the title of an article such as this.

PunksOnN4G36d ago

Nah the Gameplay loooks boring as hell even some of the warframe fans said this looks trash and tbh this just looks liek a budget elden ring looking type game. Gameplay was rough as hell.

bababooiy36d ago

I kinda agree, it looks very budget. Much of the presentation just comes across as soulless. Even seeing the npcs be these faceless creatures doesnt really help.

PunksOnN4G35d ago

Asmongold a huge soul fan already said hes not playing it based off that gameplay he called it soulless and bost the attacks were not even hitting ut would hit u cuz that how bad the hitboxes were LOL

fsfsxii35d ago

Its also going to be riddled with MTX lmao no thanks


Wayfinder Monetization to Offer "Fair" Free-to-Play Model Based on Collaboration With Warframe Devs

Wayfinder's monetization structure will follow a fair F2P model similar to Warframe's with the help of Digital Extremes' experience.

Magatsuhi205d ago

Played the beta and I was incredibly bored. I deleted the game after an hour.

jznrpg205d ago

I just can’t get into free to play games

Stanjara205d ago

Well that's a good joke... Fair F2P