Persona 4 mentioned in Atlus company profile

If Persona 3 was one of your favorite games of 2007, this ought to come as welcome news. In Atlus' recent company profile, they mention several titles scheduled for next year, including a sequel to Etrian Odyssey and Persona 4. The latter is listed as a PS2 game however, so it looks like the title will not be making the jump to next-gen consoles.

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ruibing4733d ago

I really hope they get cheaper.

MK_Red4733d ago

Please, why PS2. I really really hope they stop with PS2 and make Persona 4 for next-gen consoles. Persona 4 would rule on PS3. A seriously sick and awesome series.

jackdoe4733d ago

There is a huge market of JRPG fans on the PS2 and being on the PS2 doesn't make a game any less good. I'm hoping for a new Shin Megami IP on the PS3 instead.

Darkiewonder4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I wonder if Atlus is working on that Ps3 Shin Megami Project ;o

MK_Red4733d ago

I know that PS2 games can still be really good (Odin Sphere) but the thing is that I really don't feel like bringing my PS2 back and playing it on. Plus, PS2 games don't look that good on HDTV and I don't have a PS3 to upscale them yet and I'm more likely to get a 40Gb version which wouldn't have BC. (This is the reason I mostly missed Persona 3)

But imagine Persona 4 with HD graphics on PS3. That would be something.

Darkiewonder4733d ago

Has the material that could have made it Next gen. they just downscaled the stuff to fit the 480i standard. man. I would totally buy it if they release Odin Sphere HD.

But yeah. Most of the stellar 2D RPG would look absolutely gorgeous in HD!

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joten4733d ago

I agree. Persona 3 was my favorite game of 2007 even though it was on a last-gen console, but if it was on PS3 it would just be pure awesomeness. Especially is the story is as good, or even better than P3.

AdolfBinBush4733d ago

it should be RPG of the year on PS2.

NeXuSIoN4733d ago

Yes! Persona 3 is the best RPG I've played for year 2007 on the PS2. The music in the game is good also. Happy to hear that they'll do another Persona title.

I'll be buying it too that's for sure.

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