GameSpot gives 8.5/10 to PS3 version of UT3: 'Looks absolutely fantastic'

Unreal Tournament 3 serves up yet another helping of the tight, thrilling gameplay the series is known for.

"Of course, there are some technical differences between the two versions, despite the fact that the gameplay experience is essentially the same. On the visual side of things, the PS3 version looks absolutely fantastic and features high-quality character and weapon models, detailed textures, and great lighting and shadow effects."

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MK_Red4732d ago

Pretty good score from GS.

TANOD4731d ago

Now GS reviews are truely professional and unbiased

Winter47th4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Shortest review i ever Alt+F4d in my life, good score though.

TheIneffableBob4732d ago

It's short because Jeff Gerstmann wrote the UT3 PC review and since the PS3 version is mostly identical in terms of content to the PC version, they just linked to that review. The UT3 PS3 review mainly covers the differences between the two versions.

THC CELL4732d ago

so when the lagg is sorted and mods come will we see a new review ?

MK_Red4732d ago

I'm pretty sure there will be no second / remixed review.
Also, I'm not of the disagreeing ones. It's funny and stupid how a question got 2 disagrees so far.

toughNAME4732d ago

there is NO lag on PSN

any lag you see on PSN in Microsoft-sponsored lag!

pswi604732d ago

yeah cause all the xtards are sucking up the internet's bandwidth spreading fud on

THC CELL4732d ago

i did not say lag on ps3 i see some but its very rare
gamespot says lag

i hope it dose get a remixed review maybe a 9.0 after the mods update etc

and i cant wait for people to add the Halo mod just to P1ss M$ off lol

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Relcom4732d ago

After playing it, i think its the same score i would give. Great game, and looks Unreal : )

MK_Red4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Wow, GameSpot giving 8.5/10 to both PS3 and PC version while 1UP gave 6/10 to PC and 8/10 PS3 version (Just saw 1UP's score for PC version). Talk about mixed reactions.

BloodySinner4732d ago

Are you serious? 1UP gave the PC version a 6/10?

MK_Red4732d ago

Dead serious:

Lol at the disagree I got for my first post. I just stated the facts (Scores of PS3 and PC versions from GS and 1UP). The disagree ghost is back!

BloodySinner4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Well, since the disagree fantom is amongst us, I might as well click agree for you.

jackdoe4732d ago

Agreed. The PC and PS3 versions are so similar that I don't see how you can give them different scores. Chalk that up to unprofessionalism on 1ups part (not to say that GS hasn't taken part in unprofessional activities, ahem K&L).

MK_Red4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Thanks and agree with you :)

As for unprofessionalism, it's spreading every where. Of course it has always been among us but the last few months were just crazy.

Baba19064731d ago

poor Mk. looks like you have two fans, who cant keep their hands in their pants and always have to disagree with you. anyway, most n4g active people know that you are one of the last sane gamers on n4g. bubble for you.

im just glad, that ut3 is having good scores on ps3. the only thing stoping me from buying it is the fact that i live in europe..... =( hurry epic.

MK_Red4731d ago

Thanks Baba1906. For great comment and kind words :)
And bubbles for you.

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