The Internet on your 360. Cool?

The Dreamcast had the potential to be the greatest console ever seen with fantastic graphics, cool accessories the tip of the iceberg for the first Internet enabled console.

Unfortunately for SEGA it didn't go down to well for a number of reasons. In all honesty, I don't think the community was ready for such a big step and who could blame them, back then dial-up was rife and broadband was a word most people had no clue about.
The Xbox 360 on the other hand has taken everything that is good about the Dreamcast and done it 100 times better and thanks to a new addon, you can now view the Internet.

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TheMART5850d ago

Full support for all versions of Windows XP (Home, Professional, Media Center) & Windows Vista

So actually I don't even need Vista for this. Great keep on going with exploring this program

Tempo5850d ago

intresting feature/innovation but i'd be hard pressed to substitute internet PC browsing for a console, force-of-habit i guess.

Eternal E 8085850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

if only i knew how to get media center to work with my 360 because every time i try and do the setup it keeps saying it cant find my 360 dont tell me to turn off my fire wall because i tryed that already so i think its my router or my cables,for the ppl that got it to work could you tell me how you did it and if i need a certan type of ether net cable or router?LMK

ASSASSYN 36o5850d ago

I got the same exact problem. I keep getting told to free up ports. But one time it recognized my system untill I disconnected it to move it. And it never came back. However when I bridge my laptop and 360 to use the laptops wireless for wireless gaming it recognizes it on direct connect.


Surfing on a console seems [email protected]!, but to save face on that web tv jive; maybe they should give it another try. Needs to be safe period!.

ASSASSYN 36o5850d ago

I just bought a laptop. But I doubt this is any time soon as a viable implementation. Man I love my system.

ASSASSYN 36o5850d ago

It works. I dl it for free. This is great.

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