Latest PS3 Firmware 2.10 Update blocks RSX exploit?

PS3's latest firmware, 2.10 has blocked hackers from using full GPU access on the PS3.

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jackdoe4734d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if this were true. But I'm sure people will find another way to exploit it, much like PSP homebrew.

xplosneer4734d ago

As with PSP, Sony hates being hacked. Unfortunately those few hackers are really sort of bringing down the updates. There will be more, increasing the chance of corruption, and that some of the staff working on updating functionality will be transferred to blocking hackers. Sucks for us.

BrianC62344734d ago

Sony most likely sees this as a security issue and fixed it. They need to control what people can do so they don't end up with millions of viruses like Microsoft has with Windows.

xplosneer4734d ago

You pretty much proved my point.

Polluted4734d ago

Hardly surprising. We can't really blame Sony for protecting their investment. I mean the RSX exploit just brought hackers one step closer to being able to play backups on the PS3. That's the fun of the hacking world. They'll crack the PS3's security, Sony will patch the exploit, hackers will crack it again, etc, etc. It just wouldn't be fun if Sony gave up and let them do whatever they wanted. I give this 3 days max before some hacker figures out a way around whatever Sony did.

CeruleanSky4734d ago

This has nothing to do with commercial PS3 games or security.

A small change has been made to the way graphics commands are passed to the RSX in the latest firmware that breaks the current hack people are using is what has happened. There is no security hole being plugged.

Polluted4734d ago

Could be a coincidence. Just seems odd that roughly 3 weeks after some hackers figure out how to access RSX through Linux Sony decides to change the way graphics commands are handled.

On another note, since there are probably some pretty serious nerds reading this thread: Anyone using Linux on their PS3's? How is it? I use Ubuntu on my home PC so I'd love to try it out, but I heard Yellow Dog sucks and everything else is a bit shoddy yet on the PS3.

Koneesha4733d ago

It works. But i have a SD tv so it is hard to read but if you have a hdtv it is kinda like Vista.

Hydrollex4734d ago

none of Sony's business wtf ? People like to use the full power

DJ4734d ago

nVidia not wanting homebrewers to have access to RSX (for whatever reasons). IBM, Sony, and Toshiba are obviously fine with Cell being accessed and exploited.

Guwapo774734d ago

Is this similar to how the PSP CPU was underclocked? If so, Sony has more power in reserve on the GPU front?

Bonsai12144734d ago

no, if you have linux installed on your ps3, it can only run using the cell for all processing. people are trying to find a way to use the rsx too, essentially doubling the processing power when using linux because then the cell can dedicate itself to computations while the rsx focuses on the graphical aspect of things.

anyways, no one's actually managed to crack the ps3 os yet, and i doubt they will. after all, 1 spu is dedicated for OS integrity, making it that much harder to crack

Guwapo774733d ago

Very interesting stuff there bro. Thanks for the info!

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The story is too old to be commented.